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Find Scraps' den and escort him home.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 30+, completed Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats
Type: Solo
Start Location: Ankoro, Farali Wasteland
Quest Starter: Bartholis (28.6N, 72.4E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 200,000
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats, Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher's Collar


Location of the Shady Den, southeast of Ankoro

Speak to Bartholis at 28.6N 72.4E in Ankoro, via Rakani or Hakata to begin the quest. You must find Scraps' den and then escort him home to Bartholis. This involves defending Scraps against any of the various creatures in the region as well as the occasional level 31 solo Polluted Mucors that spawn next to Scraps.

Travel to the Shady Den at 24.9N, 74.5E, southeast of Ankoro. When ready to escort him back to Ankoro, use the Shady Den to summon Scraps, a level 30 Lasher with 750 Health Points and 14 Armor Value. Head west towards the path and follow it north. Take care to kill any creatures near the path and keep a close eye on the radar for any spawning Mucor.

Once you reach Ankoro, speak with Bartholis and then use Scraps to give him a goodbye petting. This will complete the quest.

Lore & Dialog

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