Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher's Collar

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Help Bartholis' to make a nice spikey collar for Scraps' birthday.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 30+, completed Ranger's Best Friend - Missing!
Type: Solo
Start Location: Ankoro, Farali Wasteland
Quest Starter: Bartholis (28.6N, 72.4E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 200,000
Other Rewards: Lasher Collar
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Ranger's Best Friend - Missing!, Cull the Degenerate Mucor, Cull the Devolved Mucor


Speak to Bartholis at 28.6N 72.4E in Ankoro, via Rakani or Hakata to begin the quest.

Your first task is to collect 6 Mucor Claws from the corpses of Degenerate Mucors, which are level 32 solo creatures that can be found in the area southeast of the Northeast Farali Outpost. Once you have all 6, return them to Bartholis to advance the quest.

You will now be tasked with killing 15 Devolved Mucors, which are level 34 solo creatures that can be found in the same territory as the Degenerate Mucors. After killing all 15, return to Bartholis to complete the quest.

Related Items

Mucor Claw Icon.png Mucor Claw
Lasher Collar Icon.png Lasher Collar

Related Quests

This quest follows Ranger's Best Friend - Missing! which must be completed prior to taking this quest.

Cull the Degenerate Mucor and Cull the Devolved Mucor are entirely separate quests but can be good quests to do alongside this one, since they involve killing Mucors.

Lore & Dialog

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