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Quest Overview

Help Akkilea atone for past mistakes by purifying his talisman.
Start Location: Tou-Tou Peninsula, Zu
Requirements: Level 24 (lowest known)
Quest Starter: Akkilea
Time Limit: 2 hours
Repeat Time: 2 hours
XP Reward: 25,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests:


Speak to Akkilea in Zu to begin the quest. Akkilea gives a random quest every 3 hours, so it's not guaranteed that you'll get this particular quest. There is no combat required for this quest, and you can save yourself a little time with a Portable Nexus to the Deru Tree.

The first place to bring the amulet is the Mistress of Shadows in Ikeras at 10.8N 62.2E. Hand it to her to advance the quest.

Next, head to the Servant of the Empire at 9.5N 63.1E. Hand him the amulet to advance the quest again.

Next, try the Hand of Asheron at 10.1N 62.0E. Hand him the amulet. Even he won't take it, leaving you to find a greater power in the land to cleanse the talisman.

This power is the Deru Tree in Rakani at 27.9N 54.7E. Climb to the top of the tree (or use a Portable Nexus) and hand the talisman to the Great Deru Shrine to advance the quest.

Finally, give the amulet back to Akkilea in Zu to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Related Items

Iconbonetalisman.jpg Akkilea's Talisman

Lore & Dialog

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