Puncture the Opor Nefanes

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Quest Overview

Eliminate 10 Opor Nefanes for an experience reward.

Requirements: Level 28, must have completed Puncture the Opor Niffis
Type: Solo
Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, Ikeras
Quest Starter: Lauriche
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 82,000
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Puncture the Opor Niffis


Speak to Lauriche in Ikeras to begin the quest once you've completed Puncture the Opor Niffis. You must kill 10 Opor Nefanes, which can be found around the Northeat Naderu and Northeast Tou-Tou Outpost.

Each kill will advance your quest. After the last kill, return to Lauriche for your reward.

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