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Quest Overview

Repair the broken well to earn the trust of the Olvidan family.

Requirements: Level 40
Type: Solo
Start Location: Stoneshadow Plains, Olvidan Family Farm
Quest Starter: Jomer Olvidan
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 10% (Cap: 6,352,899 @ L45)
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Wild Hare


To begin this quest, go to the Olvidan Family Farm located west of Keidelur, at approximately 18S 18W. Speak to Jomer Olvidan. Most of the family here won't trust you, and this is the first step to unlocking their series of quests. No combat is required for this quest, but it does involve quite a lot of travel.

After speaking to Jomer, click the nearby well to receive a Broken Pump Mechanism. You must bring this mechanism to the Miller of Kehan in Kehan at 42.5N 11.2E.

The miller will want one Ferrous Pyreal. Hand it to her, and the next thing she'll ask for is an Anthracite Gem. This gem is attuned and can only be obtained by doing a subquest:

Anthracite Gem subquest

  1. Use a Flowering Bush in the Naderu Greenwood region to receive some Withered Blossoms. They spawn most where monster spawns are thickest, and are often found around the Deru shrines. You need 8 blossoms in total, so you may need to find several bushes.
  2. Travel to the Shrine of Black Mother Earth at 13.5N, 61.0E in the Ariaki River Basin, north of Ikeras. Hand it one blossom to receive a quest recipe for a Garland of Flowers.
  3. Craft this garland using your remaining 7 blossoms and hand it to the shrine to receive a Scented Blossom.
  4. Take the Scented Blossom to the Outcast Wasp Queen at 35.9N 13.9W in the Cragstone area. You will receive a Wasp Egg Cluster.
  5. Take the egg cluster to the Digger Dillo Mama at 25.0N 5.4E near Rithwic. You will receive a Succulent Truffle.
  6. Take the truffle to the Grutt Gourmand at 21.2N 2.1E, also near Rithwic. Hand it to him, and recieve eight Anthracite Gems in return.

Now that you have your Anthracite Gems, hand one to the Miller of Kehan. You will receive the Repaired Pump Mechanism in return.

Bring the repaired mechanism back to the well at Olvidan farm. Hand the mechanism to the well to repair it and advance the quest, then talk to Jomer to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Related Items

Iconbrokenpumpmechanism.jpg Broken Pump Mechanism
Iconferrouspyreal.jpg Ferrous Pyreal
Iconwitheredblossom.jpg Withered Blossom
Icongarlandofflowers.jpg Garland of Flowers
Iconscentedblossom.jpg Scented Blossom
Iconwaspeggcluster.jpg Wasp Egg Cluster
Iconsucculenttruffle.jpg Succulent Truffle
Iconanthracitegem.jpg Anthracite Gem
Iconrepairedpumpmechanism.jpg Repaired Pump Mechanism

Flowering Bush

Lore & Dialog

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