Piercing the Shield Wall

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Quest Overview

Battle through the Shield Wall Tunnel to reach the Knorr Desolation.

Requirements: Level 65+
Type: Group
Start Location: Shield Wall Gate, Knorr Ramparts
Quest Starter: Gear Sentinel (53.4S, 36.8E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 10% (2,051,143,666 @ 71, unknown cap)
Other Rewards: Access to Knorr Desolation
Repeat Time: Not repeatable
Related Quests: Tibri Outpost


This is the first part of two main quests to unlock permanent access to the Knorr Desolation. Until you have completed the second part, Tibri Outpost, you will need to traverse the Shield Wall Tunnel every time you wish to pass through from the Knorr Ramparts. As such it is best to allow time for both quests to be completed in one go.

For this quest you will initially need to defeat a level 72 group Gearknight who has two solo accomplices and you must do so only with the aid of those in your fellow who are on the quest. Beyond that point, anyone can enter to assist you to kill the numerous solo Gearknight, Golem and Takeru found throughout.

To begin, speak to the Gear Sentinel at 53.4S, 36.8E, in front of the Shield Wall Gate from the Knorr Ramparts side, via Fort Strathelar and continue to talk to him in order to exhaust all advances. You will eventually be portalled into a room with the Gear Automaton; once fallen, use the left portal to enter the Shield Wall Tunnel.



  • Head up to the top of both spiral staircases, then up the ramp
  • Go north at the crossroads and take the west door
  • Up to the top of both spiral staircases, then through the door and two open rooms
  • Turn east, go up the ramp and then to the top of both spiral staircases
  • Pass through the door at the end of the corridor, then up the spiral staircase
  • Now go down the ramp, through the door and across the open room
  • Go down the next ramp any way until you reach a room of Takeru
  • Take the north door and go either west or east down to the next door
  • Go down and then west, hugging the left wall to avoid the group mob in the north room
  • Take the door and pass through the next open room
  • Head up the ramp, hugging the right wall to avoid the group mob in the south room
  • Take the north turn, go up the ramp and through the door
  • Turn north again and go down both staircases, hugging the inside to avoid the group mob in the west room
  • Approach the final room cautiously; it has two group Gearknights with strong missile attacks
  • Run fast through the room and use the Exit to the Desolation portal in the northwest corner

You are now in the Knorr Desolation. Speak to Omitar Leynos at 53.6S, 36.8E in order to complete the quest.

There is no lifestone this side of the Shield Wall, meaning that if anyone dies before completing Tibri Outpost then they must traverse the Shield Wall Tunnel again by speaking to the Gear Sentinel. You must only kill the Gear Automaton once, however.

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