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Quest Overview

Re-activate the Osteth Weapons Golem to create a weapon like those once used by the Fetterguard.

Requirements: Level 15+
Type: Solo
Start Location: East of West Prosper Outpost
Quest Starter: Tamar, 6.0N 6.2E
Time Limit: 20 days
XP Reward: 7,500
Other Rewards: Osteth Soulbound Weapon of your choice
Repeat Time: 3 days
Related Quests: The Illuminated Manuscript


Speak to Tamar at 6.0N 6.2E (Prosper Fettermounds) to begin this quest. Most of this quest can be done solo, depending on how you go about it. It's recommended to gather your Asheron's Sigil and weapon emblem ahead of time to minimize backtracking.

PROTIP: Before you start the quest, get the Moonstone Activation Crystal and a weapon emblem of your choice. When you have both, then start the quest by speaking to Tamar, then mosey over to the Golem to complete the quest.

Your goal is to collect two items: a Moonstone Activation Crystal and an Osteth emblem for your weapon.
Moonstone Activation Crystal: One of these is found in every Asheron's Cache. There are two caches... one in the Warder's Hideout and one in the Fiery Crypt. The one in the Warder's Hideout requires you to complete the Drudge Potion Raid quest to access, but no other fighting. The one in the Fiery Crypt can be difficult to reach and requires a small group if you're level 15-20. The cache requires an Asheron's Sigil key to open. This key is a reward from The Illuminated Manuscript quest, but it can also be found as a rare loot drop or bought in curiosity shops.

Osteth Weapon Emblem: There's one of these for each type of weapon. They are often dropped by Drudges in the Drudge Citadel and Prosper Marches areas, and can also be bought in curiosity shops. If you don't care about the weapon and only want the experience reward, any Osteth emblem will do.

Once you have your emblem and crystal, head to the Osteth Weapons Golem at 5.9N 8.4E near the center of the Fettermounds, and hand it the activation crystal to advance your quest.

Next, it will ask you for the emblem. Hand in the emblem to complete the quest and earn your reward of experience and a new weapon. Soulbound weapons can be traded, but one must complete the quest at least once before wielding it.

Related Items

Iconasheronssigil.jpg Asheron's Sigil
Iconmoonstoneactivationcrystal.jpg Moonstone Activation Crystal
Iconostethwaspnestemblem.jpg Osteth Wasp Nest Emblem
Iconsoulboundwaspnestofosteth.jpg Soulbound Wasp Nest of Osteth

Lore & Dialog

Tamar tells you, "In death's sleep I heard the drumming of ghostly rider's hooves. I knew it was time once again to rise against the evil that destroyed my brethren. You must be a child of my people, who filed into the Shelters as we Fetterguard held the nemesis tides at bay. My duty is done, but you must now defend our land from the darkness lying ahead. The Weapons Golem has freed itself from centuries of dirt and rubble in the very center of the Prosper Fettermounf. It is ready for service, but must be activated first. Nalicana's preparations weren't for naught - the Moonstone Activation Crystal that she secreted in Asheron's Cache in the Fiery Crypt will wake the Golem once more. Take the Crystal to the Golem, and the creature will arm you for the dark days ahead."

You gave the Moonstone Activation Crystal to the Osteth Weapons Golem.
The Weapons Golem rumbles deep in its machinery, then suddenly goes still. It is not ready to accept the activation crystal at this time.
Osteth Weapons Golem tells you, "Centuries ago, the Fetterguard of Osteth employed me to manufacture the Soulbound weapons they carried in their last stand against the Drudges. If my services are again required, it can only mean that the descendants of the Shelters have emerged to reclaim their lands. Seek the Drudges of this region - in their plundering of the land, they have unearthed the Soulbound Emblems that were once my brother Golems' to give. Fond of the shiny and bright, the Drudges know now what they carry. Relieve them of their trophies and bring me a Soulbound Emblem of Osteth emblazoned with the weapon of your choice. Once I receive it, I shall manufacture a Soulbound Weapon for you."

You gave the Osteth Wasp Nest Emblem to the Osteth Weapons Golem.
The Weapons Golem slowly chews up the Emblem and then quickly begings to synthesize a Soulbound Weapon for you.
You received the item from the Soulbound Weapons Golem.
Osteth Weapons Golem tells you, "Here is your Soulbound of Osteth. Wield it with the same courage that graced the hearts of Fetterguard who went before you, and you shall never know defeat. May is stand you good stead in the dark days to come."

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