Oriad Curse of the Undead

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Quest Overview

Go to the burned hills in the middle of the Oriad Rings. Combat the triple alliance of Skeleton Knights, Undead Stony Armoredillos and Empowered Gurog Henchmen.

Type: Group
Requirements: Level 41
Start Location: Rings of Oriad, Fettermound
Quest Starter: Kill a group undead in the area
Time Limit: 2 days
XP Reward: 4,000,000
Other Rewards: Mara Ataur mounts
Repeat Time: 20 hours
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Head to the undead area in the middle of the Rings of Oriad region. These are group monsters, so be sure to go with a group if you're near the minimum level. Even if you're in a fellowship, each person must individually get the kill (do the most damage) on one of the undead monsters here to actually start the quest.

You will now have to kill a combination of 25 Empowered Gurog Henchmen, Undead Stony Armoredillos and Skeleton Knights as shown in your quest panel. These are group monsters and each kill will advance your quest to all fellow members (no bridge level needed) as long as they have started the quest.

There is an undead curse status which these monsters can inflict on you. It causes instant death when the timer expires unless you can drink an Antidote to the Curse of the Undead in time. To create this antidote, look in your quest recipes list. It requires one Infectious Slime and one Undead Venom, which are dropped by the non-skeletons here.

In addition to whatever you need for antidotes, pick up at least one Diseased Saddle, one Infectious Slime and one Undead Venom, because you'll need them at the end.

Upon the last kill, a Teal Leather Hide will appear in your inventory, along with a quest recipe to create a saddle pattern. Use the hide, an antidote, and a diseased saddle to create your Mara Ataur Saddle Pattern (230% Speed Increase). Use this pattern to complete the quest and earn your reward!

Related Items

Icondiseasedsaddle.jpg Diseased Saddle
Iconinfectiousslime.jpg Infectious Slime
Iconundeadvenom.jpg Undead Venom
Iconantidotetothecurseoftheundead.jpg Antidote to the Curse of the Undead
Icontealleatherhide.jpg Teal Leather Hide
Iconleyataursaddlepattern.jpg Mara Ataur Saddle Pattern

Lore & Dialog

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