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Quest Overview

Craft your powerful Soulbound Weapon of Omishan
Start Location: Lumari Spill Isles, 2.3S 72.7E
Requirements: Level 30, 1 Mark of Isin Dule key, 6 White Pyreals
Quest Starter: Shi Sumakno
Time Limit: 21 days
Repeat Time: 1 days
XP Reward: 75,000
Other Rewards: Omishan Soulbound Weapon
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PART 1 - Getting an Emblem

PART 2 - Armory

  • Get the quest from Shi Sumakno in SE Lumari
  • Go south to the Omishan Armory, 10.5S 72.9E
  • Give the Turquoise Emblem to the Weapons Golem and he gives you the Iconfireoroseactivationcrystal.png Rose emblem.
  • Use the MAP below to get to the Emblem Golem.
  • Fight through the Burun (Browerk, Myrmidon, and one Burun Immortal).
  • Give the Rose emblem to golem and he gives you the recipe to craft Omishan Soulbound Weapons.
  • Use the recipe given and the 6 Iconwhitepyreal.jpg White Pyreal to craft an Omishan Soulbound Emblem of your choice (ex: sword Iconomishanswordemblem.jpg).
  • Exit out and go inside again to deliver it to the Weapons Golem.
  • End the Quest and get the Omishan Soulbound Weapon (ex: sword Iconomishansword.jpg).


MAPDankEmpirianRuins.png MAP - Omishan Armory.png

Lore & Dialog


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