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Quest Overview

The Burun and Olthoi have been spotted working together, you must find out more about this new threat.
Start Location: Vesayen Islands, Sanctuary
Requirements: Level 48
Quest Starter: Tuamoa, 8.1S 87.2E
Time Limit: 1 day
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 2% XP up to 98,000,000 XP
Other Rewards: Iconlyceanastaff.jpg - Lycaeana Staff and give the effect Olthoi Slayer to any weapon of choise.
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Path to Conceled Portal - Omishan


Parts of this quest can be soloed. If the group wants, they can stay near Tuamoa and wait for others to use the items and automatically portal the group inside.
Having at least one Iconnexus.jpg - Portable Nexus to Ithaenc Cathedral helps a lot.
The nexus can be borrowed between players to avoid the 3h timer on use. The timer only checks the player that used the Portable Nexus item and not the players that used the one-time nexi it creates.

Quest - Omishan Dungeons

Speak with Tuamoa at Vesayan Islands Sanctuary (8.1S 87.2E) to receive this quest.

After speaking with Tuamoa, you need to go to the Concealed Portal peninsula NE of Hakata at 11.2N 80.2E. (Note: the quest only sends you to search near the toad idol (11N 80E) for clues (check map on the side)).

Enter the Concealed Portal Dungeon and loot an Iconamberpendant.jpg - Amber Pendant from any Burun inside. Return the Amber Pendant to Tuamoa, and you learn it is some sort of key to another dungeon.

Go back to the the Ancient Burun Idol near portal (Hakata 11.7N 80.0E) and hand it the Amber Pendant. This will teleport all fellow members inside the Omishan Idol Dungeon no matter where they are when it's used.

Inside, you must fight your way to the end of dungeon, passing packs of LV 50+ Burun and Olthoi until you get to a room with a Burun Shaman Hivemaster (boss) and a lot of Burun and Olthoi guardians.

Kill it and loot the Iconamberorb.jpg - Amber Orb from its corpse.

Return the Amber Orb to Tuamoa to advance to next part.

Path to Conceled Portal - Omishan

Quest - Arramora Dungeon

Now at least one member of fellow must travel to Arramora and go to the Ancient Burun Idol at 14.4N 51.6W, and hand in the Amber Orb. Again, this will port all fellow members inside the Arramora Idol Dungeon.

Make your way to the south of this area towards the large room with a ramp on the left side. There are many missile grubs on the ledges and packs of Olthoi scattered throughout the room. It's recommended that fellows should just run quickly to the ramp instead of clearing, as all the missile attacks and packs can make it harder than it's worth.

At the top of the ramp, take any side path and do a full 180 degrees run to the opposite side (NW). There is a small opening in the wall on the opposite side of the ramp leading to a hall with the Burun Immortal Grandmaster (boss). The guardians here are strong; many Olthoi Drones, Olthoi Grubs, high level Burun and a level 74 Olthoi Soldier.

Stay back and pull the creatures in small groups to avoid being swarmed with missile attacks. After all are clear, kill the Burun Immortal Grandmaster. It drops the Iconlyceanastaff.jpg - Lycaena Staff and the Iconburunimmortaljournal.jpg - Burun Immortals Journal. You may want to kill multiple times for each person on your group who wants the staff, as it's very good for a Sage. The respawn time is 3 minutes.

Take the journal back to Tuamoa to complete the quest.

Epilogue (imbue reward)

When this quest ends, all players receive another quest to imbue a weapon of choice with the Olthoi Slayer effect. You can then hand Tuamoa any weapon to be imbued with the spell. It adds +30 damage to Olthoi and can be very useful for questing or hunting Heart of Darkness. The spell has a white-text name and can't be spellbound.

  • Warning - Rare Bug (credit to AC2vault): In very rare cases, if more than one person hands in a weapon to be imbued the NPC, will not return your weapon. Please ensure no more than one person at a time hands in a weapon, as game admins cannot replace lost items.


Lore & Dialog


  • "Greetings, hero. I must ask your assistance in a matter of some importance. Recently, I have discovered that new Burun of surprising strength and power have arisen. They are always accompanied by Olthoi who seem to act as their pets. I reported my discoveries to the Tumerok war-leaders, but they dismissed my story as I have as yet no evidence to support my claims. Unfortunately, these new Burun now seem to be hiding themselves, and I have had great difficulty in finding any in recent days. Please try to recover concrete evidence that this new Burun threat exists. I first encountered these Burun in the vicinity of 11 N x 80 E, but I have found no trace of them there of late apart from one of their ugly toad idols. Still, this is perhaps a good place to start your search."
  • "Yes... this is clearly an item of great power. Most of its capabilities are mysterious to me, but I believe this item can also be used to open a sealed portal... Hmm... let me attempt to trace the power lines... Yes, someplace on Arramora you may be able to find the lock to which this is the key. I am sensing trees, insects, moisture... the location you must seek next is in the heart of the jungle."
  • "Well done! This journal is just what I need to convince the war-leaders to pay heed to the new Burun threat. Thank you for your diligence, hero. I cannot offer you much in reward, but I have gleaned a little knowledge from the artifacts you found. If you give me a weapon, I can provide an enchantment that will empower it to slay Olthoi."
  • "Very well, I have enchanted your weapon. Thank you again for your assistance, hero!"
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