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Quest Overview

Align yourself with Omishan Natural Spirits and become a Nature's Ally.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 30+
Quest Starter: Great Deru Shrine atop the Deru Tree (starts and ends)
Time Limit: 7 hours
Repeat Time: 7 days
XP Reward: 100,000
Other Rewards: Iconderuheartwoodtalisman.jpg - Deru Heartwood Talisman , Iconnaturesallydrum.jpg - Nature's Ally Drum
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This quest starts and ends at the same time, when you deliver a Chaos Power Crystal to the Deru Tree. So just collect the materials and you will be able to collect the Chaos Power Crystal.

Collect the Materials

Important Note: Get several Ancient Monouga Bones and Purified Spawn Husks before entering the final reward area just in case your timer runs out, and if you did not get extra, you will need to repeat well over half of the quest again.

Lasher Progression

  1. Go to Lahry (Cragstone: 29.6N 7.8W). Enter the portal near him, and kill some rabbits. They eventually drop Iconrabbitmeet.jpg Rabbit Meat. After you have 3-4 pieces, move on.
  2. Go to the Feral Pet Lasher above Arwic Vault (Arwic: 35N 5.2E) and give him a piece of Iconrabbitmeet.jpg Rabbit Meat. He gives you an Iconancientmonoguabone.jpg - Ancient Monouga Bone. Give him all your meat for several bones just to be safe.

Anthracite Gem/Black Mother Earth Progression

  1. Use a Flowering Bush in the Naderu Greenwood region to receive some Iconwhiteredblossom.jpg - Withered Blossoms. They spawn most where monster spawns are thickest, and are often found around the Deru shrines. You need 8 blossoms in total, so you may need to find several bushes.
  2. Travel to the Shrine of Black Mother Earth at 13.5N, 61.0E in the Ariaki River Basin. Hand it one blossom to receive a quest recipe for a Icongarlandofflowers.jpg - Garland of Flowers.
  3. Craft this garland using your remaining 7 blossoms and hand it to the shrine to receive a Iconscentedblossom.jpg - Scented Blossom.
  4. Take the Scented Blossom to the Outcast Wasp Queen at 35.9N 13.9W in the Cragstone area. You will receive a Iconwaspeggcluster.jpg - Wasp Egg Cluster.
  5. Take the egg cluster to the Digger Dillo Mama at 25.0N 5.4E near Rithwic. You will receive a Iconsucullenttruffle.jpg - Succulent Truffle.
  6. Take the truffle to the Grutt Gourmand at 21.2N 2.1E, also near Rithwic. Hand it to him, and receive eight Iconanthracitegems.jpg - Anthracite Gem in return.

Purified Spawn Husk/Brother Tanae Progression

Important Note: this progression must be completed twice, but it's HIGHLY recommended you complete this at least three or four times.

  1. Use a Redberry Bush (found north of Shinoko) to receive a Iconredberries.jpg - Redberry.
  2. Give it to the Shrine to Brother Tanae (Hakata: 3.2N 85.6E). You will receive a recipe for Iconredberrypreserve.jpg - Redberry Preserve that requires three Redberries.
  3. Craft the Preserves and give them to a Cocoon-Shrouded Bush (South of Zu). You will receive a Iconspiritbutterflytoken.jpg - Spirit Butterfly Token and a Icondiscardedcocoon.jpg - Discarded Cocoon in return.
  4. Go Naderu Ringway 2nd exit (Isle of Contention - Bound Fetich area) and find a Corrupted Slithis Pod. Give it the Spirit Butterfly Token and a Purified Spirit Spawn will briefly appear. Quickly hand it the Icondiscardedcocoon.jpg - Discarded Cocoon, it will give you Iconenchantedsilkthread.jpg - Enchanted Silk Thread in return. The Purified Spirit Spawn will disappear leaving only a Iconpurifiedspawnhusk.jpg - Purified Spawn Husk. Pick up the Husk. You will want 4 of these purified husks later in case your timer runs out in a later dungeon. If you don't have extra you will need to repeat much of the quest, so take your precautions.

The Chaos Dungeon

  1. Give one Iconanthracitegems.jpg - Anthracite Gem to the Shrine of Mother Aundetanga in Naderu (32.4N 66.1E). You will receive a recipe for an Iconanthracitenecklace.jpg - Anthracite Necklace, which requires an Enchanted Silk Thread and your remaining seven Anthracite Gems.
  2. Use the Iconanthracitenecklace.jpg - Anthracite Necklace. You are transported inside a dungeon full of Empowered Chaos Wisps. You also have a thirty minute effect on you which prevents them from attacking you.
  3. The dungeon is fairly straightforward. Head down the stairs to the Lasher. Do not talk to the Lasher - he will apply a bleed effect to you. Instead, give it the Ancient Monouga Bone. You will receive a Iconchaoskey.jpg - Chaos Key in return.
  4. Head through the door to the fountain. Do not use the fountain - you will instantly die! Instead, give it the Iconpurifiedspawnhusk.jpg - Purified Spawn Husk and get an Iconempoweredspawnhusk.jpg - Empowered Spawn Husk in return.
  5. Handing in the Purified Spawn Husk turns all Wisps in the dungeon into Tainted Rabbits for a random amount of time or kills, so it's wise to have several extra bones so you can reopen the door, along with extra husks in case you don't get enough pearls. Each Rabbit has a Iconchaospearl.jpg - Chaos Pearl on loot. Kill Rabbits and collect at least eight of these pearls. Remember, the time the wisps are transformed into rabbits is random.

The Pearl Choker

  1. Give one Iconchaospearl.jpg - Chaos Pearl to the Shrine to Ezereth, Great Father Sea near Shinoko (7.2S 72.4E). You will receive a recipe for a Iconpearlchocker.jpg - Pearl Choker in return. This recipe uses one Iconenchantedsilkthread.jpg - Enchanted Silk Thread and seven Iconchaospearl.jpg - Chaos Pearl. Do not use the Choker - you will instantly die.
  2. Now go to the Mucor Mushroom Grotto in Farali (29.8N 82.8E). Run to the bottom and find the Undulating Slithis Tentacle. Give the Choker to the Tentacle, it disappears and you get a Slithis Heart in return.
  3. Use the Slithis Heart. You will be back to the chaos dungeon but now in a previously inaccessible area. Do not touch the Chaos Breach, it will kill you! Give the Empowered Spawn Husk to the Chaos Breach. You receive a Chaos Power Crystal in return.

The Deru Tree

  1. Go to the Deru Tree in Rakani (28.1N 55.1E). Give it the Chaos Power Crystal. Doing this both grants and completes the "Nature's Friend" quest and you get your XP and items reward, the Nature's Ally Drum, one of the best drums for any Healer in the game!

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Quest guide by Exploit of Dawnsong (2003) and team (2013).

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