Mystic Rituals (2)

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Aid the drudges in their ritual training by killing a strong, rare Monouga.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 20+, completed Mystic Rituals (1)
Type: Group
Start Location: Prosper Marches, Shoushi
Quest Starter: Daggle (10.2N, 21.5E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 16,000
Other Rewards: 10 Drudge Rebound Potions
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Mystic Rituals (1)


To begin this quest, speak to Daggle at 10.2N, 21.5E in Shoushi after completing Mystic Rituals (1). You'll want a small group for this next part unless you're much higher level.

Your target is the Eater of Bones, a rare spawn Monouga who is a level 23 group monster. It can spawn in most of the Prosper Marches but seems to be most common in the Fettermounds and the road to the Slavetaker area. It drops several Eater of Bones' Knuckles. Make sure each person picks one up. Return this knuckle to Daggle to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Related items

Iconeaterofbonesknuckle.jpg Eater of Bones' Knuckle
Icondrudgereboundpotion.jpg Drudge Rebound Potion

Lore & Dialog

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