Mucor Mushroom Hunt

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Quest Overview

Explore the depths of the Mucor Mushroom Grotto and learn how to create Mucor Mushroom potions.
Start Location: Farali Wasteland, Ankoro
Requirements: Level 26
Quest Starter: Adesar the Mushroom Collector
Time Limit: 12 hours
Repeat Time: 46 hours
XP Reward: 150,000
Other Rewards: Recipe for Mucor Mushroom potions
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Speak to Adesar the Mushroom Collector at 28.6N 71.9E in Ankoro to start the quest. It's recommended to bring a small group for this if you're around the minimum level. You'll be facing several level 32-34 Degenerate and Devolved Mucor at once.

Take the Farali ringway to the Central Outpost, and travel to the Mucor Mushroom Grotto at 29.8N 82.9E. This dungeon is a series of tunnels, and can be quite confusing. Your first target, the Degenerate Mucor Sporesowers, spawn fairly close to the start. Kill them until you find a Degenerate Mucor Gland. It is an uncommon drop and may take a few kills.

Once you have the gland, return to Adesar in Ankoro to advance your quest and learn the recipe for a Mucor Mushroom Vigor Potion.

Adesar will send you back to the dungeon to find a Devolved Mucor Gland this time. The Devolved Mucor are further down in the dungeon, in the deeper tunnels. Just like before, it's the Sporesowers you want. Kill them until you find a gland.

Return to Adesar with the gland to complete the quest. You will receive your experience reward and the recipe for a Mucor Mushroom Health Potion.

Both the health and vigor potions require one Mucor Mushroom and 100 Tallow. The recipes each have their own 12-hour timer before they can be used again.

Related Items

Iconmucorgland.jpg Degenerate Mucor Gland
Iconmucorgland.jpg Devolved Mucor Gland
Iconmucormushroom.jpg Mucor Mushroom
Iconmucormushroomhealthpotion.jpg Mucor Mushroom Health Potion
Iconmucormushroomvigorpotion.jpg Mucor Mushroom Vigor Potion

Lore & Dialog

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