Moonshiner's Hitch

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Help out King Corn's farm by clearing out the nearby caves of a particularly strong Lasher.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 16+
Type: Group
Start Location: King Corn's Farm, Prosper Marches
Quest Starter: King Corn Jr. (10.6N 5.6E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 1,000
Other Rewards: 3 Jugs of King Corn Moonshine
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests:


Speak to King Corn Jr. at 10.6N 5.6E near the Lasher Caves, (Northwest Prosper). Your goal is to find a kill a unique lasher called the Fleshfeast Lasher.

It is a level 18 group monster, so this should not be attempted solo if you're near the minimum level. For an extra bonus, this can be done along with the Kill the Fleshfeast Lasher quest, which is started by killing a Ceaseless Lasher, a rare spawn outside the dungeon.

The Lasher Caves are split into two sections. If you reach the area with the four Relentless Lashers, Old Scratch Lasher, and the order cache, you've gone the wrong way. Kill the Fleshfeast and return to King Corn Jr. for your reward. Finishing this quest also lets you draw 3 Jugs of King Corn Moonshine from the nearby keg, which give you a damage buff but decrease your evasion.

Related Items

Moonshine.jpg King Corn Moonshine

Lore & Dialog

King Corn tells you, "Oh good. I'm looking for sober-minded individuals lend me a hand. We built our farm here hoping we could use those caves over there to the west. Nice and cool down there, the perfect place to stow our... err... fresh farm produce, yes! Well, the Fleshfeast Lasher down in those caves seems to have other things in mind. Could you help us by putting him down? I'll give you a sample of our farm cooking for free if you do!"

King Corn tells you, "You sure trounced that Fleshfeast Lasher! I bet it'll be a while before he comes slinking back!"

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