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Quest Overview

When the Devastation wracked the world, the Mist Opal was cracked. But it can still be mended: take it to the Misty Fount, deep within the Mist Caverns.

Requirements: Level 9+
Type: Group
Start Location: Molwirth, Cobalt Sweeps
Quest Starter: Mist Shrine at 14.1N 0.5E
Time Limit: 2 hours
XP Reward: 1,400
Other Rewards: Opal Boots
Repeat Time: 24 hours
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NOTE: If you die on the quest at any point, it will automatically fail.

If you're near the quest's minimum level, it's not recommended to solo unless you have strong health over time potions. With a Bloodstone Ichor, you can outheal the monsters' attacks and run to the fount.

  1. Use the Mist Shrine to begin this quest and receive the Cracked Opal. You must travel to the Mist Caverns and repair the opal by handing it to the Misty Fount deep within.
  2. The Mist Caverns dungeon is found at 19.6N, 12.0W and is marked on your map. It's a fairly long run west of Molwirth, but the road will lead you right there. The dungeon contains Dustbin, Filthminder and Sepsis Grutts, as well as the boss, Urkur the Filthwarden, which are all group monsters. None of these monsters must be killed to complete the quest, though.
  3. The Misty Fount is deep in the dungeon. To reach it, take the paths that lead downward and run past Urkur. The fount is located past him at the bottom of a circular ramp, near the Order Cache. Hand the Cracked Opal to it, and it will become a repaired Mist Opal. If you just ran through with a potion, then be careful here as the spawns may catch up with you.
  4. Find a spot to safely recall to Molwirth, return to the Mist Shrine, and hand it the Mist Opal to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Related Items

Crackedopal.jpg Cracked Opal
Mistopal.jpg Mist Opal
Opalbootsh.jpg Opal Boots

Lore & Dialog

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