Master Vault of Omishan

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Quest Overview

Repair the crystals inside the Master Vault of Omishan
Start Location: Vesayen Islands
Requirements: Lv 35+
Quest Starter: Master Omishan Gem
Time Limit: 7 days
Repeat Time: 7 days
XP Reward: 500,000 XP
Other Rewards: Renselm's Hand, Crystallized Vitae of Omishan
Related Quests: Chaos Eidolon


This quest starts with a Master Omishan Gem that opens a portal to the Vault. To get the gem, anyone in fellow must kill 3 Portal Glimmers in the correct order (found in Vesayen Islands near Burun Patrol zone):

  1. Deformed Portal Glimmer
  2. Distorted Portal Glimmer
  3. Contorted Portal Glimmer

Any other order will result in a Flawed Master Omishan Gem that will teleport everyone to a random location above Dereth and will kill the players with fall damage.

After you get the Master Omishan Gem and use it, all can get inside the Master Vault.

All will start in the same part of the dungeon. Use the map below to guide your fellow inside the vault. You will need to repair the power crystals inside. To do it, you need to loot the corpses for "repairing serums".
There are 3 types of serums:

  • Murky
  • Glimmering
  • Cyan

Each crystal will need one of them to be repair, but they are random drops and the crystals will need a random one. So if you are lucky, any 3 will do, and in the worst-case scenario, you will need 9 (3 of each). Just use this rule: you will need 1 of each BEFORE entering a crystal room.
Once inside, assign one player to be the giver and use them in any order until repaired. Keep the leftovers for the next crystal and use the portal to get to the beginning. Each repaired crystal will advance the quest to all fellows.
Once you have applied Serum to all 3 crystals, all will be teleported to the boss room.

Kill the guards and the boss Archon Renselm, loot Renselm's Hand for the Chaos Eidolon quest, and proceed to end and the XP reward.

Related Items

Icondecayingmoundportalgem.jpg Flawed Master Omishan Gem
Icondecayingmoundportalgem.jpg Master Omishan Gem
Iconrenselmshand.jpg Renselm's Hand




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