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Portals and Rings Difficulty Map Dungeons Portals
MAPOstethSmall2.png Osteth Ostethdifficulty.jpg Osteth Difficulty OstethDungeons.jpg Osteth Dungeons OstethPortals2.jpg Osteth Portals
Dye Plants Cartography Points of Interest Routes
OstethDiePlants.jpg Osteth Dye Map Ostethlandform.jpg Osteth Cartography OstethPointsofInterest.jpg Osteth Points of Interest Portals Osteth.png Osteth Routes


Portals and Rings Difficulty Map Dungeons Portals
MAPOmishanSmall2.png Omishan Omishandifficulty.jpg Omishan Difficulty OmishanDungeons.jpg Omishan Dungeons OmishanPortals.jpg Omishan Portals
Dye Plants Cartography Points of Interest Routes
OmishanDiePlants.jpg Omishan Dye Map Omishanlandform.jpg Omishan Cartography OmishanPointsofInterest.jpg Omishan Points of Interest Portals Omishan2.png Omishan Routes


Portals and Rings Difficulty Map Dungeons Portals
MAPLinvakSmall2.png Linvak Linvakdifficulty.jpg Linvak Difficulty LinvakDungeons.jpg Linvak Dungeons LinvakPortals2.jpg Linvak Portals
Dye Plants Cartography Points of Interest Routes
LinvakDiePlants.jpg Linvak Dye Map Linvaklandform.jpg Linvak Cartography LinvakPointsofInterest.jpg Linvak Points of Interest Portals Linvak.png Linvak Routes


Portals and Rings Difficulty Map Dungeons Portals
MAPArramoraSmall2.png Arramora Arramoradifficulty.jpg Arramora Difficulty ArramoraDungeons.jpg Arramora Dungeons ArramoraPortals2.jpg Arramora Portals
Dye Plants Cartography Points of Interest Routes
ArramoraPointsofInterest.jpg Arramora Points of Interest Portals Arramora.png Arramora Routes


Portals and Rings Difficulty Map Dungeons Portals
MAPKnorrSmall2.png Knorr Knorrdifficulty.jpg Knorr Difficulty KnorrDungeons.jpg Knorr Dungeons KnorrPortals2.jpg Knorr Portals
Dye Plants Cartography Points of Interest Routes
KnorrPointsofInterest.jpg Knorr Points of Interest Portals Knorr.png Knorr Routes


  • Dungeons by Continent
Osteth Omishan Linvak Arramora Knorr
Ancient Crypt Dungeon

Arcanum Shrine
Arcanum Vault
Archon's Holding
Artefon Deeper Catacombs
Artefon Forgotten Catacombs
Artefon Neether Catacombs
Arwic Mines
Arwic Vault
Catacombs of Artefon
Chaos Eidolon Dungeon
Chaos Forge Dungeon
Chaos Plane
Chaos Plane Shadow Platforms
Chaos Plane Spiral
Chaos Plane Virindi Platforms
Cobalt Vault
Cragstone Excavation
Drudge Citadel Vault
Drudge Hero Shrine
Drudge Hideout
Drudge Shrine of Transcendence Dungeon
Edge Beetle Mound
Esper Vault
Fiery Crypt
Gauntlet Arena
Haunted Cave
Illuminated Drudge Cave
Island of Tears Dungeon
Lahrys Garden
Lasher Caves
Lost Wish Vault
Mad Crone Haven
Mad Crone Vault
Mist Caverns
New Arwic Mines
Osteth Master Vault
Prosper Vault
The Crone Laboratories
The Hovel
Underground Drudge City
Vermin Nest
Warder's Hideout
Wasp Hive

Ariaki Vault

Aun Tanua Fortress
Black Ferah's Dungeon
Burun Clutch
Crumbled Sanctuary
Dank Empyrean Ruins
Dark Throne Keep
Darkenfowl Pens
Decaying Mound
Deep Darkenfowl Roost
Deepdank Tunnels
Dominion Center
Farali Vault
Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness East Dungeon
Heart of Darkness Main Dungeon
Heart of Darkness South Dungeon
Heart of Darkness West Dungeon
Inner Darkness
Kydi Vault
Lair of the Burun Shaman
Lumari Vault
Muchor Mushroom Dungeon
Naderu Vault
Olthoi Catacombs
Olthoi Hive
Olthoi Warren
Omishan Armory
Omishan Master Vault
Sclavus Heirophant Temple
Shadow Vault
Shreth Spawning Pit
Silva's Lair Dungeon
Temple of Roots
The Burun Clutch
The Wasp Breeder's Hideout
Toad Keep
Tou Tou Vault
Vesayen Vault
Water Temple
Zu Tower Dungeon

Banderling Delve

Crystal Caves
Frozen Ravine
Gevoth Vault
Ghost Mines
Goarata Undercrofts
Golden Age Reliquary
Heart of Cacophos
Herd Rescue Cave
Heart of the Cacophos Dungeon
Lair of The Nexi
Linvak Armory
Linvak Master Vault
Mage Academy
Malthabbor Vault
Nepeth Vault
Oriad Vault
Repository of the Three
Rustwater Redoubt
S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Underground Base
Silent City
Steam Caverns
Stoneshadow Vault
Temple of Elemental Light
Thusik Vault
Tyrants Loft
Winterhollows Vault
Yokketh Bell Tower


Eibhil's Vengeance Dungeon
Shrine of Desolation
Sword of the Doomed Hero Dungeon

Atlan Foundry

Atlan Foundry Antechamber
Atlan Foundry Factory
Atlan Foundry Refinery
Atlan Foundry Smith's Chambers
Atlan Foundry Ventilation Shaft
Atlan Gates
Foundry Armory
Foundry Library
Grievver Colony
House of Omikesh
Inquisitor's House
Magister's House
Meeting Hall
Mysteries of Skyport Dungeon 1
Mysteries of Skyport Dungeon 2
Mysteries of Skyport Dungeon 3
Mysteries of Skyport Nexus Dungeon
Officer's Headquarters
Olthoi Tunnels
Pyreal Mines
Ramparts Ancestor's Head Dungeon
Realaidain Crypts
Shield Wall Dungeon
Siege Stores Dungeon
Skyport Maintenance Dungeon
The Nursery
Tinker's Workshop
Tower Barracks
Trace the Bounds Dungeon
Xaopitil Complex


  • Locations - Locations Maps and pictures with lots of information on each zone.

Credits and Sources

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  • AC2HQ team from AC2VAULT 2003 old site - (some are now on our current wiki team)
  • AC2MAPS team (old 2003 site, currently inactive)
  • Skinlab from AC2HERO

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