Malthabbor Vault

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Malthabor Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Malthabor Glyph


LOCATION: Gurokora 31S, 41.2W



To work your way in the vault check the map here. You will need to get 2 keys: the first Chiseled Key drops from Gaerlan (Level 50). After you killed him proceed down to get the Carved Key dropped by Ejan Aralea (Level 50). Use it on the second locked door, jump down the hole in the wall and head to the Vestibule Portal. The Vault Boss is a Hoary Gurog (Level 53) that does knock-backs and hits quite strong melee attacks. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 7,500,000 XP / 2,500 QP / Stealing Sorcery Lore Cinematic

"Geraine watched the battle, loathing them all. The Imperator could not imagine his own defeat. The Hopeslayer's wrath was empty at its core. And Asheron ... His nobility filled Geraine's heart with hatred. None of them would triump. He would undo them all. In the end, the Firstborn did not find the book. It found them. To Geraine, it revealed the secrets he desired... long-lost Glyphs that gave power over the Menhir stones, the key to Dereth's magic. Armed with this lore, Geraine stole the Menhir and sealed them within the Vaults. Without them, the magic had nothing to contain its power. The Great Ones knew nothing of the doom awaiting them. Geraine watched ... and smiled."
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