Lumari Vault

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Lumari Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Lumari Glyph


LOCATION: 3.9N, 62.0E



The Lumari Vault is populated by Spawns and its a very simple Vault. Go up and kill the Idol Spawns to get the key, then go down, open door with key and go to vestibule and face the Boss. It requires a group of 2 to 5 if you are near 27. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 120,000 XP / 1,250 QP / Treason's Price Lore Cinematic

"Some would call me traitor for what I did. Bael'Zharon led us to the edge of victory, promising mastery over all. We believed him, fools that we were... and no greater fool than I. I am Isin Dule, once the Hopeslayer's right hand. I would have followed him to my death. But as the land crumbled, I knew he heralded the death of all. And so, when he needed me most, I struck my master down. The more we seek to control chaos, the more it controls us. I learned this lesson at my cost. My treason torments me always. It is my price, the lesson I have learned. We must suffer, if we are to remain ourselves."
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