Ludward's Nightmare

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Requirements: Level 50+
Type: Group
Start Location: South Gevoth Outpost
Quest Starter: Gear Knight Artificer
Time Limit:
XP Reward: 5% (Cap: 105,784,725)
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests:

This quest is started by killing a Gear Knight Artificer in the region northwest of South Gevoth Outpost, via Gurokora or Palisade. Your task then is to kill a total of 105 Gear Knights in the same territory.

Target Type Level Health Vigor
30 Gear Knight Knaves Solo 60 6,245 6,200
25 Gear Knight Squires Solo 62 6,831 6,800
20 Gear Kmights Solo 64 6,508 6,400
15 Gear Knight Guardians Group 64 57,595 57,500
10 Gear Knight Champions Group 66 63,603 63,000
5 Gear Knight Marshals Group 68 70,693 70,000

The first three of these, the solo types, are found in the near region whereas the group types are found further northwest, beyond the crater.

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