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Koske the Sage, second-in-command of Gallus' Irregulars, led his mercenaries against the Archons during the war of the Undead. At the climax of that war, they were corrupted by a terrible explosion of chaos energy. Search the depths of the Rustwater Redoubt (23.4S, 1.9W) for evidence of Koske's efforts to cure his chaos-twisted soldiers. You must complete his work and find a cure for the chaos corruption.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 35+
Type: Group
Start Location: Rings of Oriad, Whitebay, 21.3S, 4.7W
Quest Starter: Gallus
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 20% (2,271,917 @ L39)
Other Rewards: Emblem of the Irregulars
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  • Speak to Gallus and start the quest.
  • Enter the dungeon Rustwater Redoubt at 23.4S, 1.9W directly east of Whitebay
  • Use the map of the dungeon below and find 3 items:
  1. Chaos Seed (Dropped by the Chaos Lugians in the Dungeon)
  2. Archaic Key (Dropped by Strabo, the Chaos Berserker)
  3. Crystal Vial (Dropped by Trupo, the Chaos Juggernaut)
  • Give the Crystal Vial to the Steaming Urn and it gives you a Vial of Tainted Blood
  • Go to the lower part of the dungeon and open the locked door using the Archaic Key.
  • Kill Lac Koraht the Bandit Lord and loot the Paincrafter's Flask (don't use it).
  • Exit back to Rustwater Redoubt using the portal.
  • Go to the cauldron room and give it the Chaos Seed, the Vial of Tainted Blood and the Paincrafter's Flask
  • Use the cauldron again and it gives you a Soulstone.
  • Go down again but now take the Gates of Madness portal.
  • Search Koske the Sage and give him the Soulstone, you can kill the Shadows of Koske.
  • Go back to Gallus to end the quest and get the reward (all need to talk to Gallus to receive the Emblem of the Irregulars


MAP - Lost Company Dungeon.png

Lore & Dialog

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