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This is a gallery of the different weapons that can be found in loot. Clicking a picture will show a larger version of the image.



Loot-generated weapons can have one of have many different modifiers, as shown by their "prefix" name. Known prefixes are Accelerated, Deft, Even, Exacting, Precise, Quick, Steady, Swift. Their exact effects on the item are still untested.

Rarely you may find loot that have much better than average stats. These are prefixed with "Incomparable" and its name is in yellow.


Below are the known weapon models that can be found in loot. This is their unenchanted form. Weapons with spell effects will appear a different color or have a variety of graphical effects.

Variations: Weapons also can vary in the color and amount of of rust, chips, wear, etc. so two weapons of the same model may still differ in appearance, like the two swords shown here.
Edge.jpg Edge2.jpg

Melee Weapons

Basic Melee

Battlescythe.jpg Battle Scythe
Boardwithrustynail.jpg Board with Rusty Nail
Bonedagger.jpg Bone Dagger
Burntboardwithnail.jpg Burnt Board with Nail
Circletcutlass.jpg Circlet Cutlass
Cleaver.jpg Cleaver
Crusaderhatchet.jpg Crusader Hatchet
Edge.jpg Edge
Eldermiresword.jpg Eldermire Sword
Executioner.jpg Executioner
Glaive.jpg Glaive
Greatflamberge.jpg Great Flamberge
Greatwarsword.jpg Great Warsword
Greatsword.jpg Greatsword
Hooksword.jpg Hook Sword
Hornedlongsword.jpg Horned Long Sword
Kingssword.jpg King's Sword
Metaldagger.jpg Metal Dagger
Nobleedge.jpg Noble Edge
Notchedaxe.jpg Notched Axe
Ornatefalchion.jpg Ornate Falchion
Painaxe.jpg Pain Axe
Scythe.jpg Scythe
Serpentblade.jpg Serpent Blade
Stonebones.jpg Stonebones
Tonfasword.jpg Tonfa Sword
Toothedge.jpg Toothedge
Wooddagger.jpg Wood Dagger


Bandedflail.jpg Banded Flail
Grandwarflail.jpg Grand War Flail
Redeemerflail.jpg Redeemer Flail
Rockonarope.jpg Rock on a Rope
Tripleflail.jpg Triple Flail


Handblade.jpg Handblade
Mandibleblade.jpg Mandible Blade
Ravager.jpg Ravager
Slasher.jpg Slasher


Assaultstaff.jpg Assault Staff
Warbrandbladestaff.jpg Warbrand Bladestaff

Missile Weapons


Astralboulder.jpg Astral Boulder
Fallingstar.jpg Falling Star


Bloodspikebow.jpg Bloodspike Bow
Compoundbow.jpg Compound Bow
Crystalbow.jpg Crystal Bow
Warbow.jpg War Bow


Skullcesta.jpg Skull Cesta
Taloncesta.jpg Talon Cesta
Tuskcesta.jpg Tusk Cesta


Crusher.jpg Crusher
Firebrandmallet.jpg Firebrand Mallet
Rockslidehammer.jpg Rockslide Hammer


Bladeorb.jpg Blade Orb
Prismaticorb.jpg Prismatic Orb
Radiantorb.jpg Radiant Orb
Shimmeringorb.jpg Shimmering Orb
Spectralorb.jpg Spectral Orb


Barbedjavelin.jpg Barbed Javelin
Javelin.jpg Javelin
Punishingspearloot.jpg Punishing Spear
Skullbrandistock.jpg Skull Brandistock
Skulljavelin.jpg Skull Javelin


Causticvial.jpg Caustic Vial
Spumephial.jpg Spume Phial
Virulentvial.jpg Virulent Vial

Wasp Nest

Stingingnest.jpg Stinging Nest
Swarmingnest.jpg Swarming Nest


Creatorswrench.jpg Creator's Wrench
Mastersspanner.jpg Master's Spanner
Waspnest.jpg Wasp Nest
Wrench.jpg Wrench

Magic Weapons


Enlightenedcelestrum.jpg Enlightened Celestrum
Illuminatedcelestrum.jpg Illuminated Celestrum
Runiccelestrum.jpg Runic Celestrum


Ancientdrum.jpg Ancient Drum
Frenzydrum.jpg Frenzy Drum
Furydrum.jpg Fury Drum
Winddrum.jpg Wind Drum


Adeptstaff.jpg Adept Staff
Archmagestaff.jpg Archmage Staff
Avalanchescepter.jpg Avalanche Scepter
Cragscepter.jpg Crag Scepter
Crystalscepter.jpg Crystal Scepter
Entwinedstaff.jpg Entwined Staff
Mastersstaff.jpg Master's Staff
Resoundingscepter.jpg Resounding Scepter
Savagestaff.jpg Savage Staff
Soothstaff.jpg Sooth Staff

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