Lodrog the Forsaken

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Quest Overview

Prepare yourself for coming challenges by helping Lodrog study his undead enemies, the Revenants.

Requirements: Level 39+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Nepeth Strata
Quest Starter: Lodrog the Forsaken, South of Ondekodo at 22.3S, 32.0W
Time Limit: 2 hours, 30 minutes
XP Reward: 35% (Cap: 5,000,000 @ L40)
Other Rewards: 6 Rattles of Blind Death
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: The Ancient Periapt, Icefire


This quest begins in Lodrog's Watchtower in Nepeth Strata just south of Ondekodo. Lodrog will ask for your help to get one bone from each of 3 different Revenants:

There are usually 2 paths to get these bones:

OPTION 1 - Go to Ossuary at 4.6S, 34.4W in Winterhollows for the Prefect and Legionary. Then go to Thusik Delta and hunt the Conscript east of the South Thusik ringway drop.

OPTION 2 - Go to Thusik Delta and hunt the Conscript and Legionary east of the South Thusik ringway drop. Then, come back to Lodrog and hunt the Prefect south of Ondekodo around Lodrog's Watchtower.

Hand the bones to Lodrog, advancing the quest each time. After all are delivered, talk to him again to get your reward.

NOTE</b>: Revenant Conscripts also drop a Revenant Conscript Femur which is yellow. The Revenant Conscript Thighbone is blue.

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Lore & Dialog

On start:
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "Mortal, after the defeat of the Archons and the breaking of the Undead, my peopl are still blinded. They continue to server Undead masters, even though many of those masters are now gone. Those who are more powerful may aid me in opening the eys of my people by searching the undercrofts of Goarata, but even someone as weak as you may be of assistance to me."
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "I am still studying the bones of Revenants. Bring some to me so that I may continue my studies."

When handing in each bone:
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "Well done, little one."

On completion:
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "I am surprised; I judged you too weak to complete this task. In return for your service, I will give you these rattles that will blind some of the weaker Undead to your presence. But be careful, for they will protect only you, and each can be used only once. Also, the Undead have learned of these magics and have adapted. They are not as susceptible to them as they once were."
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "Also, know that if you wish to slay Garaena, Rytheran's student who resides in the hall of the Mage Academy and guides many of the surviving Undead, you will need a weapon of the Ancients cleansed by the Font of Icefire, which lays in the domain of the Winterhollows. Only with the magics of the Icefire can you lay Garaena low."
Lodrog the Forsaken tells you, "Go to the northern peninsula of that land, and seek out the Frostbound One. His spirit will tell you how to find the Font."
You received the item from Lodrog the Forsaken.
For completing the Lodrog the Forsaken quest, you have earned 5,000,000 experience points.
You have completed the Lodrog the Forsaken quest!

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