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Lodestones are fairly rare items which can appear in loot, from mining or as a reward for some quests. There are 25 different types in all, 5 different material types across 5 level ranges:

Type Crumbling (1-24) Brittle (25-39) Rough (40-54) Smooth (55-69) Shining (70+)
Clouded (Silver) Crumbling Clouded Lodestone Iconclouded2.jpg Iconclouded3.jpg Iconclouded4.jpg Iconclouded5.jpg
Marbled (Stone) Questionmark.jpg Iconmarbled2.jpg Iconmarbled3.jpg Iconmarbled4.jpg Iconmarbled5.jpg
Mossy (Wood) Iconmossy1.jpg Iconmossy2.jpg Iconmossy3.jpg Iconmossy4.jpg Iconmossy5.jpg
Rusty (Iron) Crumbling Rusty Lodestone Iconrusty2.jpg Iconrusty3.jpg Iconrusty4.jpg Iconrusty5.jpg
Translucent (Crystal) Crumbling Translucent Lodestone Icontranslucent2.jpg Icontranslucent3.jpg Icontranslucent4.jpg Icontranslucent5.jpg

Delving Stones

One of the main uses for Lodestones is to create a Delving Stone. It must be done at a refinery, but refine skill doesn't affect the results. The recipe to create a delving stone is found under the Mining recipe for each resource type. A Delving Stone has 2-5 charges at random, and can be used to create a resource node. The node is similar to one you'd find if you were mining. It has three "chops" and a +20 modifier compared to normal Osteth mining.

Iconcloudedd.jpg Clouded Delving Stone
Iconmarbledd.jpg Marbled Delving Stone
Iconmossyd.jpg Mossy Delving Stone
Iconrustyd.jpg Rusty Delving Stone
Icontranslucentd.jpg Translucent Delving Stone

Harmonic Stones

A spellbinder can also turn Lodestones into Harmonic Stones. These stones allow a weapon to become more honed with use, gaining increasing permanent damage bonuses against particular monster types... arcane, decay, martial, or nature. At this time, only crafted weapons have the ability to receive these harmonic bonuses.

The recipe requires a lodestone and 10,000 to 50,000 coal, depending on the "tier" of lodestone. The type of harmonic enchant you get is as follows:
Iconclouded4.jpg Clouded Lodestone = Iconarcaneharmonicstone.jpg Arcane Harmonic Stone, grows to 40%
Iconmarbled4.jpg Marbled Lodestone = Iconmartialharmonicstone.jpg Martial Harmonic Stone, grows to 40%
Iconmossy4.jpg Mossy Lodestone = Iconmossyharmonicstone.jpg Mossy Harmonic Stone, grows to 40%
Iconrusty4.jpg Rusty Lodestone = Iconharmonicstoneofdecay.jpg Harmonic Stone of Decay, grows to 40%
Icontranslucent4.jpg Translucent Lodestone = Neutralharmonicstone.jpg Neutral Imbuing Stone, grows to 20% against all creature types

The Harmonic Stone will have a maximum level requirement determined by the tier of lodestone used:
Crumbling = level 1-24
Brittle = level 25-39
Rough = level 40-54
Smooth = level 55-69
Shining = level 70+ (no maximum)

Unlike totems, these level requirements must be met by the PLAYER, not the item. No craft skill is needed to apply them, though.

Quest Uses

Sigil of Unity

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