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Quest Overview

Craft your powerful Soulbound Weapon of Linvak.

Type: Group
Requirements: Level 40, 1 Writ of the Imperator, 6 Ebon Pyreal, 1 Linvak Weapon Scroll
Start Location: Rings of Oriad, 15.8S 5.0W
Quest Starter: Malga Dresovan
Time Limit: 21 days
XP Reward: 750,000
Other Rewards: Linvak Soulbound Weapon
Repeat Time: 3 days
Related Quests:


PART 1 - Getting the scroll

PART 2 - Getting the crystal

  • Go to the Ossuary at 4.6S, 34.4W (Arhovas, Central Winterhollows Ringway).
  • Fight your way through Revenants and head to the Trove of the Imperator room (check map). Kill, mezz or avoid (using rattles) all Revenants and the boss, Ossein. None need to be killed to advance the quest. However, there is one Gurog at the bottom which can't be rattled.
  • Use the Writ of the Imperator key on the cache to get the Iconfireopalactivationcrystal.jpg - Fire Opal Activation Crystal.

PART 3 - Armory

  • Get the quest from the starter in Oriad ringway (Malga Dresovan - 15.8S, 5.0W).
  • Go south to Linvak Armory - 13.4S, 11.0W.
  • Use rattles or kill the Revenants on your way to the Weapons Golem room
  • Give the Fire Opal Activation Crystal to the Weapons Golem.
  • Go back to Malga and advance the quest by giving the Iconlnvakweaponscroll.jpg Linvak Weapon Scroll of your choice. You will learn a quest recipe.
  • Use the recipe with 6 Ebon Pyreals to craft a Linvak Soulbound Emblem (ex: for sword Iconlinvakswordemblem.jpg of the type of scroll you chose.
  • Return to the Linvak Armory again to deliver this weapon emblem to the Weapons Golem.
  • Hand in the emblem to the Weapons Golem to complete the Quest and get your Linvak Soulbound Weapon (ex: for sword Iconlinvaksword.jpg).

BONUS - The 3 Soulbounds

  • If you've done all 3 Soulbound Weapon quests, go to the upper level in the Weapons Golem room and talk to the Fetterguard Golem. You will enter the Fetterguard Shard and get a 5,000,000 XP bonus!


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Lore & Dialog

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