Kehan Windmill Quest

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Quest Overview

Help the Miller of Kehan by fixing her windmill.
Requirements: Level 1+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Kehan, Lost Wish
Quest Starter: Miller of Kehan, 42.5N 11.2E
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 200
Other Rewards: Lost Wish Glyph, Renewed Focus +10 Vigor Buff
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Part of the Drudge Insurgence Saga


  1. Find the Miller of Kehan at 42.5N, 11.2E
  2. Make your way to the land across the river south of Kehan.
  3. Double-click on the The Miller's Map that was given to you to by the Miller of Kehan. The process to find the Stone Quarry is the same as Surveying skill. It's like playing Hot and Cold; each time you stop and use the map, it will tell you if you're getting closer or not. If it tells you that 'you are about as close as you were before', you are likely running parallel to it.
  4. Once you find the Stone Quarry and have cleaned it of stone, return to the Miller of Kehan.
    Note: The Miller of Kehan only requires 1 stone. You do not need to give her all of your stone.
  5. The Miller of Kehan will give you a Massive Gear. Place it within the middle cylinder of the Drudge Windmill located North of town at 47.0N, 11.5E; it can be seen as a Point of Interest on your map.
  6. Return to the Miller of Kehan for your reward.

Related Items

Lore & Dialog

Miller of Kehan tells you, "A roving band of Drudge Outcasts destroyed my WIndmill! Could you help me repair it? I need a pile of Stone to make a new gear. Here, follow this map to find a Stone Quarry south of the city. Then harvest some Stone and bring it to me. (If you need a Rock Hammer, you can make one yourself -- look under 'Starter Tools' in your Toolmaking panel.)"
You received the item from the Miller of Kehan.
You have received the Kehan Windmill Quest quest.

You're somewhere within the map's border. You make a note of your location so that you can measure your progress.
Your journal for the Miller of Kehan Quest quest has been updated.
You hew 28 units of stone from the Stone Quarry.
Miller of Kehan tells you, "Did you find some stone? I'll need it to create a new gear for my Windmill!
Contents updated successfully.
You gave the Stone to the Miller of Kehan.

Miller of Kehan tells you, Thank you! I will need this Stone to create a gear for the Windmill."
Miller of Kehan tells you, "I have created a Windmill gear -- the Drudges destroyed the old one! Please place it inside the Windmill to repair it."

You received the item from the Miller of Kehan.
Your journal for the Kehan Windmill Quest quest has been updated.
You gave the Massive Gear to the Windmill.
Your journal for the Kehan Windmill Quest quest has been updated.

Miller of Kehan tells you, "Thank you for restoring my Windmill. I've heard these glyphs are the key to unlock the secrets of this region - take this, with my thanks! Also, if you ever need more Stone, you can try to create your own mining charts. The recipes are located within your 'Surveying' craft skill. I hear there are Cartomancers who can teleport you near a map's destination, but I've never met one myself."
You received the item from the Miller of Kehan.
For completing the Kehan Windmill Questquest, you have earned 150 experience points.
You have completed the Kehan Windmill Quest!

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