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Quest Overview

Investigate the Drudge activity at the fort on the Isle of Tears and report back to the Warder Corporal

Requirements: Level 1+
Type: Group
Start Location: Rithwic, Mad Crone Mountains
Quest Starter: Warder Corporal, 22.6N 1.4E
Time Limit: No time limit
Repeat Time: 20 hours
XP Reward: 1,700
Other Rewards: Cobalt Glyph
Related Quests: Part of the Drudge Insurgence Saga


This is a fellowship quest and much harder than Cragstone Excavation. Between levels 10 and 19, you should skip this quest if you don't have a decent fellowship.

  1. Talk to the Warder Corporal near Rithwic and get the quest.
  2. The Isle of Tears is just north of the Warder but a long swim away. If you are low level, get back to Rithwic, then go to the coast and swim across the water.
  3. Outside of the fort, there are several drudges that missile so be careful. The Drunken Drudge Sentry guards the Manuscript but you don't have to fight him if you don't want to. If you kill the sentry, prepare to face two drudge mafia that will spawn.
  4. With the Manuscript, you can enter the Underground Tunnels portal inside the Fort (see map below). This is a hard dungeon for solo at intended level. Inside there are Secret Drudge Militia (lv 15) and the objective: Profound Drudge Mystics. Kill them to advance your quest.
  5. Return to the Warder Corporal to complete the quest.

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