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An incursion is a type of quest that starts automatically when you find and kill a rare monster and which thereafter tasks you to kill a certain number of a specified monster. Incursion quests normally have an hour time limit and are repeatable every 20 hours - this being chnaged from the old 5 minute repeat timer in order to encourage people to complete a variety of incursions.

When doing incursions within a fellowship, XP should be shared by all fellow members being within 5 levels higher or lower than the fellowship leader. Only the fellows sharing XP with the person who gets the kill on the quest starting monster or the quest target will receive or advance the quest. If you are below the minimum level requirement for the incursion, however, you will fail to receive the quest even if you are sharing XP.

This type of quest is found on Osteth, Omishan, Linvak and Arramora but not Knorr. The following lists all known incursions, their locations and experience rewards. There is some difficulty in knowing the minimum level requirement - those in italics are the minimum level it is known to have been completed, though this is likely not the actual minimum requirement, while levels in bold are verified minimums.

Osteth (10 Quests)

Req Quest Name XP Quest Starter Quest Target Lvl Repeat Location
1 Incursion: Red Soldier Wasp 300 Red Wasp Striker 5 Red Soldier Wasp 5 (group) 5 min Esper Reaches
2 Incursion: Green Phyntos Wasp 240 Green Wasp Striker 5 Green Phyntos Wasp 7 20 hours Esper Reaches
6 Incursion: Tanglefoot Vermin Tanglefoot Vermin Scamp 5 Tanglefoot Vermin 6 5 min Arwic Outlands
8 Incursion: Dank Vermin Dank Vermin Scamp 5 Dank Vermin 8 5 min Cragstone, Cobalt Sweeps
Incursion: Dank Vermin 300 Dank Vermin Watcher 5 Dank Vermin 8 20 hours North of Rithwic
13 Incursion: Savage Lasher 800 Terrible Lasher 5 Savage Lasher 13 20 hours Cobalt Sweeps, Prosper Marches
14 Incursion: Cobalt Drudge Prowler Spymaster 1,100 Cobalt Drudge Prowler Spymaster 5 Cobalt Drudge Slinker, 5 Cobalt Drudge Prowler 12-14 20 hours Cobalt Sweeps
15 Incursion: Drudge Robber Sneaky Drudge Robber 5 Drudge Robber 5 min Drudge Citadel
16 Incursion: Drudge Mystic 765 Drudge Mystic Mentor 5 Drudge Mystic 16 5 min Drudge Citadel
17 Incursion: Scythe Beetle 4,300 Reaper Beetle 5 Scythe Beetle 17 20 hours Prosper Marches

Omishan (24 Quests)

Req Quest Name XP Reward Quest Starter Quest Target Lvl Repeat Location
15 Incursion: Bloodfeast Shreth 5,000 Bloodfeast Shreth 10 Blood Shreth 20 (group) 20 hours Lumari Spill Isles, Ariaki River Basin
15 Incursion: Feyen Mimbu 2,200 Feyen Mimbu Snakehunter 10 Feyen Mimbu 15 20 hours Kydi Delta
16 Incursion: Darkenfowl Stray 3,000 Darkenfowl Stray Scavenger 10 Darkenfowl Stray 17 20 hours Kydi Delta
Fast group respawns at 7.0N 35.5E
19 Incursion: Parfal Niffis 7,300 Rogue Parfal Niffis 10 Parfal Niffis 21 20 hours Kydi Delta
19 Incursion: Parfal Niffis 9,000 Wretched Parfal Niffis 10 Parfal Niffis 21 20 hours Lumari Spills
Incursion: Idol Spawn 13,000 Watchful Idol Spawn 10 Idol Spawn 20 hours Ariaki
20 Incursion: Acita Mimbu 6,000 Acita Mimbu Runner 10 Acita Mimbu 20 20 hours Kydi Delta
Fast group respawns at Hinu's Mimbu Village 15.7N, 39.2E and 16.0N, 44.0E
21 Incursion: Ulu Sclavus Centurion 17,000 Ulu Sclavus Centurion 10 Ulu Sclavi 25 20 hours Starter: Lumari Spill
Target: Ariaki River Basin, Ariaki Vault, Lumari Spill
Incursion: Rea-Bal 17,000 - 35,000 Lamented Rea-Bal 10 Rea-Bal 20 hours Starter: Southwest of Shinoko
Target: Southwest of Shinoko, west of Zu
23 Incursion: Faisi Sclavus Fangchief 23,000 Faisi Sclavus Fangchief 10 Faisi Sclavi 26 20 hours Starter: Ariaki River Basin
Target: Ariaki River Basin, Ariaki Vault
23 Incursion: Glissna Niffis 23,000 Frenzied Glissna Niffis 10 Glissna Niffis 26 20 hours Naderu Greenwood
23 Incursion: Rea-bal 35,000 Doomed Rea-bal 10 Rea-bal 25 20 hours Tou-Tou Peninsula
24 Incursion: Drudge Conscript 13,000 Weary Drudge Conscript 10 Drudge Conscript 24 20 hours Starter: Outside Tou-Tou Vault
Target: Outside Tou-Tou Vault, Lake Artefon
24 Incursion: Bound Fetich Spawn 98,000 Bound Fetich Spawn 10 Fetich Spawn 29 (group) 20 hours Naderu Greenwood
25 Incursion: Marsh Armoredillo 46,000 Bull Marsh Armoredillo 10 Marsh Armoredillo 27 20 hours Naderu Greenwood
27 Incursion: Browerk Burun Patrol 180,000 Browerk Burun Patrol 10 Browerk Burun 34 20 hours Vesayen Islands
28 Incursion: Atrophied Mucor 43,000 Atrophied Mucor Scavenger 10 Atrophied Mucor 28 20 hours Tou-Tou Peninsula
29 Incursion: Blighted Mucor 60,000 Venomous Blighted Mucor 10 Blighted Mucor 29 20 hours Tou-Tou Peninsula, Naderu Greenwood
29 Incursion: Kiree Burun Wicked Kiree Burun 10 Kiree Burun 29 Naderu Greenwood
31 Incursion: Polluted Mucor 110,000 Polluted Mucor Broodwarrior 10 Polluted Mucor 31 20 hours Vesayen Islands
30 Incursion: Foul Moarsman 180,000 Foul Moarsman Muckdweller 10 Foul Moarsman 33 20 hours Vesayen Islands
34 Incursion: Devolved Mucor 180,000 Infectious Devolved Mucor 10 Devolved Mucor or Devolved Mucor Plaguebearer 34 20 hours Farali Wasteland
34 Incursion: Opor Nefane 600,000 Opor Nefane Corruptor 10 Opor Nefane 37 20 hours Starter: Farali Wasteland
Target: South of Ankoro, Naderu Greenwood
35 Incursion: Boglurk Armoredillo  ?? 10 Boglurk Armoredillo Farali Wasteland

Linvak Massif (12 Quests)

Level Type Quest Name XP Quest Starter Quest Target Repeat Location
33 Solo Incursion: Troubled Eli Sloucher Troubled Eli Sloucher 15 Eli Sloucher Starter: Northeast Oriad
43 Solo Incursion: Brawling Banderling Thrasher 1,500,000 Brawling Banderling Thrasher 15 Banderling Thrasher 20 hours Starter: North Oriad
Target: West and south of Keidelur, northeast of Linvak Tukal
44 Solo Incursion: Surly Banderling Crasher 1,500,000 Surly Banderling Crasher 15 Banderling Crasher Starter: South of Keidelur
Target: South of Keidelur, northeast of Linvak Tukal
44 Solo Incursion: Asmolum's Spy 1,500,000 Asmolum's Spy 15 Revenant Conscript Starter: East of Drudgerton
Target: Linvak Armory, east of Drudgerton
43 Solo Incursion: Lashing Wind Flayer 1,800,000 Lashing Wind Flayer 15 Wind Flayer 20 hours Starter: Southwest Stoneshadow
Target: Northeast of Linvak Tukal
44 Solo Incursion: Lawless Gurog Henchman 1,800,000 Lawless Gurog Henchman 15 Gurog Henchman Starter: Northern Thusik
Target: Northern Thusik
45 Solo Incursion: Asmolum's Master Spy 2,000,000 Asmolum's Master Spy 15 Revenant Legionary Starter: Northwest Nepeth
Target: Linvak Armory, east of Drudgerton, Ossuary
38 Solo Incursion: Grasping Banderling Bouncer 2,300,000 Grasping Banderling Bouncer 15 Banderling Bouncer Starter: Around Ondekodo
Target: The Banderling Delve
46 Solo Incursion: Austere Gurog Gladiator Austere Gurog Gladiator 15 Gurog Gladiator Starter:
47 Solo Incursion: Ruthless Gurog Sorcerer Ruthless Gurog Sorcerer 15 Gurog Sorcerer Starter:
48 Solo Incursion: Roaring Tempest Flayer 4,800,000 Roaring Tempest Flayer 15 Tempest Flayer Starter: Northern Winterhollows
Target: South of Arhovas
48 Solo Incursion: Asmolum's Agent 6,000,000 Asmolum's Agent 15 Revenant Lictor 20 hours Starter: Southeast of Palisade
Target: Southeast of Palisade, west of Gates of Gevoth
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