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Quest Overview

Defeat 10 of the Sclavus raiding the hives for an experience reward.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 25
Quest Starter: Komeua
Time Limit: No limit
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 43,000
Other Rewards: Mild Honey Potion
Related Quests: Fetch Dried Flowers


Speak to Komeua at 29.2N 54.9E in Rakani to start the quest. This is a simple kill task and can be soloed.

Your targets are 10 Ulu Sclavus. They can spawn in many places including southwest of Rakani, near Zu, and northeast Lumari. Each kill will advance your quest.

Once you've killed 10, return to Komeua for your reward of experience and a Mild Honey Potion which restores 250 health instantly.

Related Items

Iconsanguinefangunguent.jpg Mild Honey Potion

Lore & Dialog

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