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Quest Overview

Upgrade your Weapon of the Ancients to Sun's Blaze, which will prove useful in the Mage Academy

Requirements: Level 40+ (plus special requirements below)
Type: Group
Start Location: Winterhollows
Quest Starter: Frostbound One, 37.9W 3.0S
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 15,000,000
Other Rewards: Weapon of the Ancients upgraded to Weapon of the Sun's Blaze
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Relics of the Golden Age, The Ancient Periapt, Lodrog the Forsaken, Rytheran's Bane

Special Requirements

If you are the Fellowship Leader

  • You must have completed Relics of the Golden Age quest before initiating this quest.
  • You must have completed The Ancient Periapt quest before initiating this quest.
  • Somebody in the fellowship must have a Weapon of the Ancients from The Ancient Periapt to end this quest.
  • You must have completed Lodrog the Forsaken within 3 days of initiating this quest.
  • Once you start the quest, all fellows will get it, so make sure all are ready and in range. Players arriving after the quest has started won't advance with the group.

If you are in the fellowship but not the leader


Assuming the above conditions have been met, this quest begins by talking to the Frostbound One (also known as "Frosty").

  1. You must kill a Behemorn Gigurath, which is one of the toughest monsters in Dereth for his level. You will find one west of the Frostbound One, just a small walking distance away. A full fellowship and healer is recommended, as the Gigurath is a group monster with strong reflect and AoE attacks.
  2. After the Gigurath is killed, loot the Behemorn Oil from its corpse to advance the quest.
  3. Everyone should now return to Frosty and deliver him the oil to get another advance.
  4. After this, enter the Icefire Gorge portal near Frosty. There is no combat in this dungeon, but everyone must go inside to complete the quest. Follow the path to the huge cavern and get a fellowship member to place the Weapon of the Ancients in the Font of Icefire. All fellows will end the quest and get the XP reward.

This will upgrade the dipper's Weapon of the Ancients to a Weapon of the Sun's Blaze, with the added effect: Cripple Rytheran. This effect stops the boss in the Mage Academy quest from using his Spectral Doom ability, which is a very powerful attack that can kill players in a single hit. The level requirement for the newly upgraded weapon becomes level 42.

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