Hoard of the Wild Carenzi

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Quest Overview

Help uncover the carenzi's hoard of nuts, then tame one to help you mine.
Start Location: Arramora
Requirements: Level 55
Quest Starter: Fidget
Time Limit: 7 days
Repeat Time: 6 days, 18 hours
XP Reward: 3% XP, capped at 4,757,025 @ 55
Other Rewards: Recipe for Mining Carenzi panpipes, and 20x Peanuts
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Speak to Fidget on Arramora to begin the quest. Fidget is located at 10.9N 49.3W, just south of the lifestone. You will need to run by some level 55-59 group and solo monsters, but no fighting is required.

Next, get the map from the nearby treasure chest to advance your quest. This map works just like a normal crafting map, with vague starting coordinates printed on it, and can be used to receive messages that lead to the actual location. If you get a location on the central plateau, the easiest way to reach it is by taking the Eastern Arramora Gateway portal, walking west along the ravine, and taking the ramp in back of the Niffis camp up to the top.
NOTE: Most of the times the Location will be 17.4N, 47.7W in Arramora central plateau near the Olthoi Soldier. (Credits to Meanmugging)
Once you hone in on the hoard location, use your map and you will receive the Large Nut.

Bring this nut back to Fidget, who will tell you to give it to the Carenzi of your choice. This is where you can choose which mining carenzi you'd like. The one you feed with the nut will be the type that you can create. Upon giving the nut, your quest will be complete and you will receive a stack of 20 peanuts used to feed your Carenzi.

This creates a quest recipe for panpipes that correspond to the trait type you chose. Creating the panpipes costs 10k gold and has a 24-hour timer. Using the panpipes has no timer, and is how you actually summon your Carenzi. The panpipes can be given, bought, sold, and used by people who have not yet done the quest, even if they aren't high enough level.


Your Carenzi is of the most help when Surveying. Your Carenzi will have a hunger level which starts near maximum once it's summoned. A buff will appear on your character, which boosts your trait yield, depending on the hunger level of your Carenzi (less hunger = higher buff). To feed your Carenzi, hand it a stack of peanuts. It will only eat what's needed to bring it to minimum hunger, so handing the full stack of 20 won't waste any peanuts. More peanuts can be bought for 20 gold each in Shoushi from Cedar or Drudgerton from the drudge vendor.

In addition to boosting your trait yield, the Carenzi will generally also automatically start moving once you're "close" to the mine or better. This is less useful if you use a mount to mine, since it often trails behind. However, it can be useful if the Cartomancer drops you into a "close/very close" area and you observe your Carenzi's direction of travel right away. When you're mining, every second counts!

Note: It appears that the Carenzi increases your trait yield by 1.25 to 1.5 per 'chop' at Hunger:None.

Related Items

Iconfidgetsmap.jpg Fidget's Map
Iconlargenut.jpg Large Nut
Iconpeanuts.jpg Peanuts
Iconcrystalpanpipes.jpg Crystal Panpipes
Iconironpanpipes.jpg Iron Panpipes
Iconcarenzipanpipes.jpg Wooden Panpipes


Crystalminingcarenzi.jpg Ironminingcarenzi.jpg Silverminingcarenzi.jpg Stoneminingcarenzi.jpg Woodminingcarenzi.jpg

Lore & Dialog

Fidget tells you, "Ho! You like carenzi? You do! Want one? I help!"
Fidget tells you, "Wild carenzis like nuts. Many nuts! Carenzis hide nuts in wild. Many hoards!"
Fidget tells you, "I find hoards, take nuts. Feed carenzis. Carenzis stay. Carenzis find mines!"
Fidget tells you, "Now. You take map. Find nuts! Come back, you show me! Yes!"

Fidget tells you, "Tueet! Now... You like carenzi? Carenzis like nuts. You choose. Feed favorite carenzi. Nut! Feed! Yes!"
You gave the Large Nut to the Wood Mining Carenzi.
The Carenzi sniffs the nut, snatches it from your hand, and starts to munch happily.
Fidget tells you, "My favorite too! You take recipe. Make pipes. Call Carenzi. You see?"
Fidget tells you, "Now, you feed peanuts, you keep Carenzi happy. Carenzi happy? Carenzi help you mine. So fast, so powerful, so many traits! So long!"

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