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Allows player to acquire Hero Status, gain Hero skill points, acquire the ability to level above 50, the ability to go to Arramora, to craft Pure Mana Charges, to have a new energy bar called Focus and to train the Hero skills and Hero perks.



Players can become a Hero of Dereth by completing the Quest: Hero Initiation for lv 45 and above.
Once this quest is completed they become a HERO, gain access to Hero skills, Hero perks and lot of other changes will happen. Check the detailed information bellow.


Focus Bar under Health and Vigor
Ac2 Interface

The first and most visible change for the player that became an Hero is a new white energy bar just bellow vigor that is called Focus and serves as the fuel for Heroic Skills.
Unlike Health and Vigor, Focus is a very slow regenerating energy. It takes almost 8h to completely regen a full focus bar.
Also unlike other energies, Focus regenerates with every kill the character does that gains XP, PVP points or any kind of reputation. The Focus gained increases with the challenge so higher Lv monsters killing rewards more Focus then lower.

Iconmagroot.jpg Another way to recharge Focus is available by eating Magroots.
SkillHealthBurst.png Focus is the "energy" consumed to cast Hero Skills (check list bellow in this page).
Iconunusualtyrantegg.jpg Focus is also used to summon the Hero Mount.

Hero Name

Another change visible to all happens in the character name that changes to Yellow and gets a new Hero Name that depends on class and kingdom.
These names are related to the classes and they are:

Hero Tytle in Character
Ac2 Interface

The Hero Name has 2 parts: The Hero Rank and The Hero Title.

Hero Rank

It raises with the player level. There are 11 known Ranks:

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Name Initiate Journeyman Skilled Veteran Adept? Elite Grand Illustrious Glorious Exalted Legendary
Min Lv 45-59 60-69 70-79 80-

Hero Title

It depends on the Class and Kingdom of the Character (includes neutral), so you have 22 Classes x 4 Kingdoms = 88 Titles possible.

Race Class Neutral Hero Dominion Hero Order Hero Shadow Hero
Human Defender Chevalier Dragoon Knight Gladiator
Human Bounty Hunter Adventurer Agent Swashbuckler Assassin
Human Sorcerer Thaumaturge Spellweaver Archmage Warlock
Human Enchanter Artificer Illusionist Channeler Occultist
Human Ranger Explorer Tracker Warder Stalker
Human Alchemist Apothecary Hermeticist Transmuter Calefactor
Tumerok Feral Intendant Courser Beastspeaker Pack Master Savager
Tumerok Zealot Disciple Myrmidon Visionary Fanatic
Tumerok Invoker Houngan Hierophant Ghost Walker Soulbinder
Tumerok Healer Chirurgeon Bonemender Lifebringer Paincrafter
Tumerok Claw Bearer Shredder Predator Dervish Slayer
Tumerok Hive Keeper Wasp Master

Wasp Mistress

Hiveminder Nest Guardian Swarm Lord
Lugian Juggernaut Sentinel Legionnaire Champion Warlord
Lugian Berserker Destroyer Conqueror Vanquisher Annihilator
Lugian Sage Clairvoyant Savant Diviner Doomsayer
Lugian Elementalist Geomancer Summoner Conjuror Stormcaller
Lugian Raider Marauder Subjugator Grenadier Reaver
Lugian Tactician Strategist Engineer Architect Siegesmith
Empyrean Templar Commander Inquisitor Crusader Heretic
Empyrean Hieromancer Pedagogue Orthodox (*) Transcendant Freethinker (*)
Empyrean Mentalist Telepath Mesmerist Empath Deceiver
Drudge Drudge (Melee) Big Boss Strong Boss Nice Boss Bad Boss

- (*) Some of the Empyrean Titles still need full confirmation. These are our information but still no visual proof.

Mana Charges

Heros also learn a new craft recipe called Pure Mana Charges. These are available to all Heroes in 3 different recipes:

Recipe Name Cost Weekly Charges Effect on Use
Iconpuremana.jpg Summon Pure Mana none 7 25% XP bonus for 1 hour
Iconpurewhitemana.jpg Summon Pure White Mana Iconpuremana.jpg 1 Pure Mana + Iconwhitepyreal.jpg 1 White Pyreal + GoldIcon.jpg 2,000 Gold 4 50% XP bonus for 1 hour
Iconpureebonmana.png Summon Pure Ebon Mana Iconpuremana.jpg 1 Pure Mana + Iconebonpyreal.jpg 1 Ebon Pyreal + GoldIcon.jpg 4,000 Gold 2 100% XP bonus for 1 hour

All mana charges are trade-able but only last 15 min in the bag, so if not immediately consumed it disappears (IMPORTANT).

When a character uses 1 mana of any kind they will have a 22h cool down until another one can be used.

These charges are available each week and to "recharge" the recipes the Heroes need to go to the Arcanum Shrine to recharge the craft recipe. Portable Nexus to Hero Shrine are quite practical here because they allow a fast recharge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the XP Bonus is only applied to the XP won by killing creatures. Quests XP and any other other form of XP don't count this bonus.

Other Hero Changes

With Hero also comes the ability to raise above level 50. Players that don't complete the Hero Initiation won't gain XP once they reach lv 50.
There are also a lot of content changes only available to Heroes. Not only all quests for Lv 51 and higher are restricted to Heroes but also a full Continent requires Hero to travel: Arramora. Due to this is also nicknamed "Hero Island".
Another important aspect is the Hero Mount that players get by completing The Mysterious Egg. This Mount uses Focus as the fuel so it requires Hero Status (also the starter is on Arramora).


Heroes get new Abilities that are available to all classes at lv 45+ after becoming a Hero. Some are common skills to all Heroes, some are skills that depend on the specific class and some are perks (special on/off small bonus).


Hero Generic Skills are available to all classes at lv 45+ after becoming a Hero.

Hero Base Skills

  • SkillHeroMastery.png - Hero Mastery - Increases chance to Hit and Avoid Melee, Magic and Missile attacks.
  • SkillArcaneLore.png - Arcane Lore - Passive skill that allows players to equip better quality armor and weapons.


The Hero Passive is available to all, but is only one of the 3 possible; depending on your character class.

Hero Lv 50 Generic Skills

  • SkillHealthBurst.png - Health Burst - A self Heal with high cool-down.
  • SkillVigorBurst.png - Vigor Burst - A self Vigor Heal with high cool-down.
  • SkillPortalrecall.jpg - Portal Recall - Portal Recall is the same skill available in special tree but this one costs hero points to train.

Hero Lv 60 Generic Skills

Hero Lv 70 Generic Skills

  • SkillArmorForce.png - Armor Force - An Armor Buff toggle skill for the caster.
  • SkillReflectionForce.png - Reflection Force - An toggle skill that reflects damage to the attacker.
  • SkillTauntForce.png - Taunt Force - A Taunt Buff toggle skill for the caster.
  • SkillFickleFate.png - Fickle Fate - A toggle skill that adds random effects to the fellow.


All classes have 3 Hero skills all using Focus as fuel and all available at lv 45, 60 and 70.

Race Class Lv 45 skill Lv 60 skill Lv 70 Skill
Human Defender SkillCragstoneRebuke.png - Cragstone's Rebuke

Ranged Shield Attack with taunt and stun.

SkillAegis.png - Aegis

Fellow Buff that shields and reflects damage.

SkillReprisal.png - Reprisal

Melee Shield Attack that heals all fellow.

Human Bounty Hunter SkillAssassinsStrike.png - Assassin's Strike

Powerfull Melee attack that does double damage if used from behind.

SkillTreacherousBlades.png - Treacherous Blades

Quadruple Melee attack that has a high chance to be critical strike.

SkillWisdomoftheLand.png - Wisdom of the Land

Fellow Buff that increases critical chance to all for a limited period of time. During that period all attacks to fellow players that would drop his life bellow 25% has a chance to do zero damage.

Human Enchanter SkillExecution.png - Execution

Powerful attack that does great damage and leaves a DoT on target.

SkillLivingArmor.png - Living Armor

Summon a Pet that taunts the attackers and lasts 20 min.

SkillEnchantedArms.png - Enchanted Armor

Summon a Sword Pet that does strong frost damage slowing the attackers and lasts 20 min.

Human Sorcerer SkillGeomanticAlignment.png - Geomantic Alignment

A self buff that increases vigor regeneration and reduces all spells vigor cost for a limited time.

SkillBlightingGaze.png - Blighting Gaze

Powerfull Damaging attack that also debuffs the target reducing the target's healing reception.

SkillRezarelsRuins.png - Rez'arel's Ruins

Self centered AOE Damaing attack that also leaves a DoT on all targets.

Human Ranger SKILLRainofHarrows.png - Rain of Arrows SKILLBirdofPrey.png - Bird of Prey SKILLFirebirds.png - Firebirds
Human Alchemist SKILLElixirofLife.png - Elixir of Life

A rezz skill that can be done in or out of combat, but uses focus.

SKILLCausticBreath.png - Caustic Breath SKILLImmolation.png - Immolation
Tumerok Feral Intendant SKILLFeralRage.png - Feral Rage

Temporary Armor and Attack Speed Buff.

SKILLPrimalHowl.png - Primal Howl

An AOE attack that also debuffs and taunts the targets.

SKILLEvolution.png - Evolution

An Upgrade Buff for the Feral Intendat Pet.

Tumerok Zealot SKILLDefiletheUnbeliever.png - Defile the Unbeliever

Multi hit attack that aslo leaves a Bleed on target.

SKILLArrowBreaker.png - Arrow Breaker

A temporary buff that increases all self defenses.

SKILLFanaticism.png - Fanaticism

A Self Buff that increases auto-attack damage.

Tumerok Healer SKILLTanuasGift.png - Tanua's Gift

A rezz skill that can be done in or out of combat, but uses focus.

SKILLCurseofPeace.png - Curse of Peace

A Powerful HoT that temporary increases spell costs to target.

SKILLDrumsofImunity.png - Drums of Imunity

A Fellow Buff that makes all temporary imune to spells or effects.

Tumerok Invoker
Tumerok Clawbearer
Tumerok Hive Keeper
Lugian Juggernaut
Lugian Berserker
Lugian Sage SkillBreathofLife.png - Breath of Life

A rezz skill that can be done in or out of combat, but uses focus.

SkillSanctuaryoftheMind.png - Sanctuary of the Mind

A Heal and a HoT that also increases skill costs to healed player for 15 secs.

SkillPsycheTwist.png - Psyche Twist

A magic attack that paralizes the target reducing run speed to zero.

Lugian Elementalist
Lugian Tactician SkillSiegeCannon.png - Siege Cannon
Crystal Wall Overdrive Turret
Lugian Raider
Empyrean Templar - Call to Duty - Gaze of Oblivion - Courage in Arms
Empyrean Hieromancer - Mortal Coil - Symbol of Eternity - Gesture of Frailty
Empyrean Mentalist SKILLPhantasm.png - Phantasm

A bleed DoT Missile attack.

SKILLMentalBreakdown.png - Mental Breakdown

A five hitting Missile attack.

SKILLTemporalDistortion.png - Temporal Distortion

An AOE Missile attack that also reduces all targets speeds.

Drudge Melee (Drudge)

SkillHeroPerks.png HERO PERKS


SkillPerksCombat.png Combat Perks


SkillPerksEconomic.png Economic Perks


SkillPerksSupport.png Support Perks


SkillPerksVitals.png Vitals Perks


SkillPerksMisc.png Miscellaneous Perks



Takes 3 skills from 3 different players. Always ends with Hero skill. Gives indication after first 2 are cast. Most work in PvP. Not all must be cast on target (i.e. some may be cast on fellows).


  • Scorching Storm = Subjugate + Ritual of the Heavens + Queen’s Defender
  • Cragstone Tears = ?
  • Curse of the Soul = ?

From Official Forums:
"Chain combos are a system whereby three players working together can increase their effectiveness. Each player uses a particular skill, one after the other, and the result is a special attack on the current monster they are fighting.

There are many dozens of Chain Combos, but we aren’t going to provide a list of them to you. You will have to figure them out on your own! (You can tell when you have discovered part of a Chain Combo because the target monster will become “energized” – they will have a unique graphical effect on them.)

However, as an example, let’s reveal one of the Chain Combos: Subjugate+ Ritual of the Heavens+Queen’s Defender=Scorching Storm. So how do you pull this combo off? Each member uses their skill in order on the same target. First the Lugian uses Subjugate, then the Hieromancer uses Ritual of the Heavens, and finally the Hivekeeper uses Queen’s Defender. If done correctly, you will hear the game’s announcer say “Scorching Storm!” and the enemy will be hit with a whirlwind of fiery energy.

So what do the chain combos do? Well, different combos do different things, such as vigor draining or direct damage. But all combos have an additional effect: they stun the target very briefly (for about 2 seconds). This stun works even if the target has already been stunned in the past minute – it is an unavoidable stun. While the creature is stunned, it’s time for everybody in the fellowship to pile on all the damage they can, because if the creature dies while affected by this special stun, it will be worth 25% additional XP!

Most chain combos work on players in PvP as well as they do on monsters. (Though of course players are not worth any XP when killed, so the 25% XP bonus doesn’t apply.)

As we’ve said, we won’t be listing the individual chain combos, but here are some hints for you to find them: - all chain combos consist of three skills; - all chain combos require three different people (so it’s never possible for just two players to cast all three skills); - all chain combos end with a Hero Skill; - not every skill is applied to the enemy… sometimes you have to apply a skill to another player instead; - you will see a graphical effect when you’ve completed the first two steps in the chain.

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