Helmsmithing by Chex

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Gather materials and learn the art of Drudge Helmsmithing.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 15+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Shoushi, Prosper Marches
Quest Starter: Chex (9.6N, 21.4E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 2,400
Other Rewards: Recipes for Drudge Hats
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Spellbinding by Clackety, Weaponsmithing by Click, Armorcrafting by Dax


Speak to Chex at 9.6N, 21.4E in Shoushi, via Molwirth or Cavendo to begin this quest.

Your task is to gather the following materials:

Material How to acquire
Carved Drudge Fetish A product of crafting Drudge Practice Recipes, which you'll get upon receiving the quest. It may take a few tries to get the item you want.
300 Iron Trait from mining.
3 Carenzi Teeth Venture to Omishan and kill Carenzi to loot these trophies from their corpses.
10 Weald Wood Walter's orchard is located at 5.4N 0.6W, south of the West Prosper Outpost. Pay him 300 gold, and you can gather 25 units of this per day. No tool is required.
Iron Spikes Cedar sells these at 10.0N, 21.7E in Shoushi.

Once you have all the items, hand them to Chex to complete the quest.

Related Items

Iconcarveddrudgefetish.jpg Carved Drudge Fetish
Wood.jpg Weald Wood
Iconcarenzitooth.jpg Carenzi Tooth

Lore & Dialog

Chex tells you, "Youngling! You are speaking to the Drudge who once armed the great training master Pectar himself! I've retired here to Shoushi to pass on my illustrious knowledge of Drudge helmsmithing. Are you up for learning the craft? Well, you'll have to prove your commitment to the craft to me first. So let's see. Bring me 1 Carved Drudge Fetish, 300 Iron, 3 Carenzi Teeth, 10 units of Walter's Weald Wood, and a bundle of Cedar's Iron Spikes! Yes, that should do it! And now, just to prove that I've got faith in you, I'll get you started with your Drudge Practice Recipe!"

Walter tells you, "Aren't my Weald trees the most beautiful you've ever seen? And the wood from them is the strongest you'll ever find. Now, I know Dax and Chex want some of my wood for one of their sideline projects. I'll let you have some to take to him, but it'll cost you 300 gold. I've put years into these trees - now it's time to earn back my investment!"
You gave the Coin to Walter.
Walter takes his sweet time in counting the gold you just handed to him.
Walter tells you, "Yep, it's all here. Go ahead and help yourself to some wood."

Chex tells you, "Tueet! No one can deny now that you're committed to becoming one of the foremost Drudge armor crafters in the land. Now hold still, while I teach you the recipes for the finest helms a drudge can make."

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