Gurog Civil War

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Quest Overview

Aid the warlords of two tribes locked in the Gurog civil war.

Requirements: Level 50
Type: Group
Start Location: Mount Malthabbor Southwest, 38.1S 47.5W and 37.3S 58.3W
Quest Starter: Gurog Supreme Warlord, Gurog High Shaman
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 20% (Cap: 423,138,900 @ L56)
Other Rewards: Two loot chests, 30,000 gold
Repeat Time: 6 days
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  • The Gurog Civil War is a series of four subquests which are best done together, two quests each for both sides of the war. You must do both of one side's quests before starting the other side, or the quest will fail. Other than that, there's no penalty to helping both sides.
  • Because they involve battling swarms of Gurog including group monsters, it should not be attempted solo near the minimum level.
  • All of the kill quests in this series trigger globally, so if you are sent back to a distant lifestone, you'll still get credit for each kill.

Slay Gurog Ancients
Travel to Mount Malthabbor southwest, near the Mage Academy, and go to 38.1S 47.5W. Speak with the Gurog Supreme Warlord here to begin the first subquest. Your goal is to kill 12 Gurog Ancients which spawn in tight groups nearby. They fight like normal mage-type Gurog, using ranged spells and strong reflects. Avoid killing the Undying One because you'll need it for the next part. Each kill will advance the quest. Once you're done, someone can speak to the Supreme Warlord and everyone will receive the reward and the next quest. (5% XP, 15,000 gold)

Slay the Gurog Undying One
Speak to the Supreme Warlord again. Return to the area with the Gurog Ancients, and you'll see the Undying One, a strong group Gurog. Kill it and return to the Supreme Warlord again to complete this subquest. (5% XP, flag to loot chest)

Slay Gurog Blood Lords
Now, head to the Gurog High Shaman at 37.3S 58.3W. It will tell you to kill 12 Blood Lords, the giant axe-wielding Gurog that spawn in tight groups nearby. They can be dangerous up close in large groups, so pull them carefully. The Oathbreaker also spawns here, but try not to kill him as you'll need to for the next part. When you're done, someone can speak to the High Shaman and the group will all receive their reward and the next quest. (5% XP, 15,000 gold)

Slay Gurog Oathbreaker
Harren Oathbreaker is with the groups of Blood Lords. He is a group monster and can hit very hard, so make sure you pull him alone. Kill him and return to the High Shaman for your reward. (5% XP, flag to loot chest)


Lore & Dialog

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