Grievver Folly

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Quest Overview

Retrieve Grievver egg

Grievver Colony Location
Knorr Ramparts

Start Location: Fort Strathelar
Requirements: 65+
Intended Level: 65
Quest Starter: ''book'' in Fort Strat, in Gear Master s room
Time Limit: 7 days
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 182 million XP
Other Rewards: Grievver Egg
Related Quests:


Go to Fort Strathelar, and go down to the Gear Masters room. On a chair is a floating ''book''.
Click the book to use it, read related quest text (optional), and get the quest.

Now you must head to the Grievver Colony at 42.0S, 33.1E.
Once there, enter the colony. Generally you take lefts, and then follow the paths down.
You will come to the lair. Here you must kill the group mob Grievver Lairmaster

Once you are relatively safe, pick up a Grievver Egg from one of the 3 spots in the room; and complete the quest.


The egg is consumable, and will be consumed on use. However, the summoned Grievver can survive for up to 6 hours.

You may want to do Eliminate the Toxic Grievvers at the same time, but note you only get advances for your own kills.


Icongrievveregg.jpg - Grievver Egg



Lore & Dialog

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