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Harmonic Type: Arcane (Colossus)
Butcher Product: None

Combat Notes

Heal.jpg Heal
Questionmark.jpg Shock Spike
Questionmark.jpg Stun


Creature Name Level Health Vigor Experience Location Trophies Skills Notes
Sandstone Golem 24 solo 870 870 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Copper Golem 26 solo 995 995 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Limestone Golem 28 solo 1,150 1,150 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Iron Golem 30 group 5,200 5,200 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Basalt Golem 32 group 6,200 6,200 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Onyx Golem 34 group 7,300 7,300 Tou-Tou Peninsula Order kingdom
Decrepit Golem 37 group Master Vault of Omishan
Lesser Shard Golem 40 solo 2,350 2,350 Radiant Temples Order kingdom, encountered during Radiant Enlightenment quest
Mindless Golem 42 group Master Vault of Linvak
Lesser Crystal Golem 45 solo 2,700 2,700 Radiant Temples Order kingdom, encountered during Radiant Enlightenment quest
Stone Minion 45 Solo 3100 3100 28,000 Repository of the Three Found during the second part of the Hero Initiation quest.
Lesser Diamond Golem 50 solo 3,500 3,500 Radiant Temples Order kingdom, encountered during Radiant Enlightenment quest
Golem Guard 52 solo 4,450 4,450 Atlan's Foundry
Platinum Golem 52 solo 4,450 4,450 Knorr Foundry
Shattered Golem 52 solo 3,850 3,850 Arramora 12.0N 52.0W, 15.0N 49.5W, 18.7N 40.4W Target for Slay the Shattered Golem quest
Granite Golem 54 solo 4,800 4,800 Gevoth Order kingdom
Coral Golem 55 solo 4,350 4,350 Knorr Foundry
Foundry Protector 55 solo 4,350 4,350 Atlan's Foundry
Bone Golem 55 group 35,000 35,000 Arramora Central
Empyrean Golem 55 group 35,000 35,000 Radiant Temples Order kingdom, encountered during Radiant Enlightenment quest
Vent Shaft Golem 55 group 32,000 32,000 Atlan's Foundry
Pyreal Golem 56 solo 5,200 5,200 Knorr Foundry
Shard Golem 56 solo 4,500 4,500 Gevoth Order kingdom
Algid Rime Golem 56 group 37,500 37,500 Arramora Central Starts quest
Heimal Rime Golem 56 group 37,500 37,500 Arramora Central Starts quest
Rime Golem 56 group 37,500 37,500 Arramora Central
Hoarfrost Golem 57 solo 5,500 5,500 453,000 Arramora Central
Uncharneled Golem 57 group 40,000 40,000 Arramora Central
Crystal Golem 58 solo 4,900 4,900 Gevoth Order kingdom
Fractured Ice Golem 58 solo 4,900 4,900 569,000 Arramora Central
Magma Golem 58 solo 4,900 4,900 569,000 Knorr Foundry, Atlan's Foundry
Shambling Uncharneled Golem 58 solo 4,900 4,900 569,000 Arramora Central
Ice Golem 58 group 42,500 42,500 Arramora Central
Obsidian Golem 59 group 45,500 45,500 Gevoth Order kingdom
Decaying Platinum Golem 60 solo 5.400 .5400 Temple of Elemental Light
Exarch Golem 60 group 47,500 47,500 Arramora Kingdom Islands Order kingdom
Titanium Golem 60 group 47,500 47,500 Gevoth Order kingdom
Vapor Golem 60 group 47,500 47,500 Knorr Foundry
Diamond Golem 61 group 50,000 50,000 Gevoth Order kingdom
Margrave Golem 61 group 50,000 50,000 Arramora Kingdom Islands Order kingdom
Ossein Golem 62 solo 6,900 6,800 910,000 Battlefield
Plasma Golem 62 group 52,500 52,500 Knorr Foundry
Corroded Pyreal Golem 63 solo 7,100 7,100 Temple of Elemental Light
Sandstone Colossus 63 solo 7,100 7,100 Knorr Ramparts Iconcolossusrubble.jpg
Tainted Golem 65 group 60,000 60,000 Battlefield
Copper Colossus 66 solo 7,100 7,100 1,621,000 Knorr Ramparts
Limestone Colossus 69 solo 8,100 8,100 2,299,000 Knorr Ramparts
Iron Colossus 72 group 82,500 82,500 Knorr Ramparts
Supreme Chaos Golem 75 group 94,500 94,500 Encountered on Violet Platform during Cleanse the Chaos Forge quest
Dramastic Colossus 84 group 141,000 141,000 38,526,564 Knorr Desolation
Colosuss Monitor 88 group 175,000 175,000 Knorr Desolation Rare spawn

Description and Lore

The Empyrean, an ancient people inhabiting Dereth long before the Devastation, counted the sorcerer Asheron Realaidain among its members. Knowledgeable in the magic arts, the Empyrean are also credited with the invention of Golems. Golems are magically animated bodies of matter. Over ninety percent of a Golem's mass is undifferentiated, inert material. Only two "organs" exist. The first is the Heart, the core object around which the rest of the Golem is assembled. The second is the Mind, a mote of magically forged pyreal alloy. Instructions for the Golem were magically imprinted upon this pyreal mote.

The Empyrean originally used Golems as simply, expendable laborers. Golems were found in mines, kitchens, and storehouses, performing menial and difficult labor their creators considered beneath them. Golem labor was used to help construct the great lighthouse near the ruins of Tou-Tou, for example. While the ancients did take Golems with them to war, they were not heavily relied upon. Golems are held together purely by the application of patterned magic, so it was easy enough for an enemy sorcerer to fell hundreds with a single Area Dispel. Thus, Golems were never used as combatants, and only appeared in well-protected supply trains.

Created from the ready materials at hand, the variety of Golems reflected the diverse environments they were meant to inhabit. Coral Golems, for instance, were used to dredge harbor channels, scrape marine growth from the keels of wooden sailing vessels without careening, and maintain artificial fisheries. Magma Golems were used as workers in forges built within active volcanoes. The ancients' children even amused themselves by making Mud Golems—their equivalent of mud pies; Mud Golems would be used for large-scale games of "toy soldiers," or for help with chores. Some materials were more for prestige, however, than utility. The ownership of Diamond, Gold, and Pyreal Golems, for example, was a symbol of wealth, similar to owning an overpriced suit of ceremonial armor.

In the years after their arrival, the Humans and Lugians had limited success in creating Golems of their own. The Lugians had the greatest successes due to their insights into the material world. Skilled Lugian mages can gather and shape sand into a Minion to command in battle. Humans could never completely replicate the Empyrean or Lugian techniques, but their experimentation did result in the Gear Knights. These creations consist of series of clockwork gears infused with magic. As for the Tumeroks, they took no interest in the creation of Golems. They prefer to rely on the natural forces found in the world for their strength.

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