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Quest Overview

Grow a rare Golden Bean from a gypsy's magic bean.

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero of Dereth
Type: Solo
Start Location: Arwic, Arwic Outlands
Quest Starter: Elenura (42.6N, 6.6W)
Time Limit: 10 hours
XP Reward: 5% (Cap: 95,249,732 @ L56)
Other Rewards: 5,000 Coins
Repeat Time: 6 days
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Speak to Elenura, and then pay 1,000 gold for the Magic Bean to begin the quest. You'll also receive a Mulch Trowel and Watering Can. Keep these in an open bag or hotkey them. This is a fairly quick solo quest and doesn't require any travel.

Take the Magic Bean, and "give" it to the garden plot near the wagons here. A Magic Bean Plant will instantly sprout up. Select the plant and open the examine window. Over the course of the next few minutes, the plant will grow and the description will change.

The Watering Can and Mulch Trowel are used like keys. If the plant gets yellow, use the Watering Can on it. If it gets limp, use the Mulch Trowel to fertilize it. You may sometimes need to do this two or three times for the yellow/limp status to clear. Keep checking the description, and stop fertilizing/watering the plant when it's healthy again. The pictures below show the plant in three different stages; healthy, needs food and water, mature.

After a few minutes, your Magic Bean Plant's description will change to say that it's mature and has grown a Golden Bean. Double click the plant to harvest the bean, then hand it to Elenura to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Related Items

Iconmagicbean.jpg Magic Bean
Iconmulchtrowel.jpg Mulch Trowel
Iconwateringcan.jpg Watering Can
Icongoldenbean.jpg Golden Bean


Magicbeanplant1.jpg Magicbeanplant2.jpg Magicbeanplant3.jpg

Lore & Dialog

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