Gevoth Vault

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Gevoth Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Gevoth Glyph


LOCATION: 16.3S, 51.0W



The dungeon is another floating city full of Revenant Lictors. Check the Map to see where to proceed. You will need to cross two doors, each locked and protected by one Tyrant that drops the key.
The first Tyrant is a Void Tyrant level 54 and the second is an Astral Tyrant level 57.
The Vault Boss is a Celestial Tyrant level 60. Kill the Tyrant, and proceed to the Shard room, from where you can finish the Linvak Vault Campaign and get back to Linvak to get the Nexus Recall.
Note: If the Tyrant happens to fall over the edge, this does not count as a kill. You will have to wait for it to respawn back and kill it again. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 30,000,000 XP / 2,500 QP / Fallen Kings Lore Cinematic

"Asheron was the first. He unleashed a devastating spell against the Hopeslayer. Had it succeeded, Bael'Zharon would have fallen at last. He called upon the Menhir to channel the magic ... but to his horror, they were not there.The spell went wild. It ripped through Asheron, burning him from within. He tried to stop it, but could not. Not without the Menhir. Geraine shouted with horrible joy as Asheron's own power consumed him. Even then, the spell did not die. The Imperator, who rejoiced to see Asheron fall, cried out as it turned on him. Already afire with Portal magic, he could not stand before it. His shrieks echoed into eternity. Bael'Zharon stood alone ... and knew he looked upon his death. With a rage to shatter the heavens, he hurled all his power at it. As it tore him apart, he cursed whoever had wrought this destruction. From his vantage, Geraine ended the spell. For centuries, the Great Ones had been obstacles to his ambitions. Now they were gone, victims of their own pride. At last, Dereth's remains were his to claim."
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