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Quest Overview

Hunt down many different gems, finally earning a reward that will double their value.

Requirements: None
Type: Solo
Start Location: Cavendo, Drudge Citadel
Quest Starter: Ryvenna Orxon (16.0N, 28.7E)
Time Limit: 7 days
XP Reward: 1% (Cap: 47,624,866 @ L60)
Other Rewards: Bonus gold based on gem values, Gem Cutter upon full completion
Repeat Time: Not repeatable
Related Quests:
Cancel Timer: Not cancellable


This quest begins when you speak to Ryvenna in Cavendo. It will show up in your journal as "Quartz Crystal Quest." This is a fairly tedious and sometimes expensive fetch quest. It will also require lots of pack space, but the reward is worth the effort.

The Quartz Crystal is just the first in a series of 33 gems. Ryvenna will ask you for one at a time. When you hand it to her, she will give you double its base gold value in exchange, and the quest will complete. Then, talk to her for the next gem/quest in the series. She will always ask for the gems in the same order. The size of the gem you give doesn't matter, but you'll get more gold for the bigger ones. Gems can be bought and sold in Curiosity shops, which will save lots of time.

Note: If you do not have the next gem in the series, you can opt to not talk to her. This way you have time to find/buy the next gem. Otherwise you have approximately 7 days (in game time) to turn in the next gem in the series.

Quest-related gems with similar names (such as the Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds from Artefon armor) will not work for this quest. You must use gems that came from loot. There is a rumor that cutting a gem before giving it to Ryvenna results in 4x base value gold reward, but this is not true. Ryvenna gives the same amount of gold for a cut versus non-cut gem.

Here is the list and order of gems you'll need. This isn't one of every gem, but it's close.

  1. Quartzcrystal.jpg Quartz Crystal
  2. Obsidian.jpg Obsidian
  3. Malachite.jpg Malachite
  4. Chalcedony.jpg Chalcedony
  5. Carnelian.jpg Carnelian
  6. Bloodstone.jpg Bloodstone
  7. Chalcedony.jpg Agate
  8. Malachite.jpg Serpentine
  9. Chalcedony.jpg Moonstone
  10. Carnelian.jpg Jasper
  11. Citrine.jpg Citrine
  12. Amethyst.jpg Amethyst
  13. Citrine.jpg Sunstone
  14. Emerald.jpg Jade
  15. Ruby.jpg Garnet
  16. Quartzcrystal.jpg Zircon
  17. Lapislazuli.jpg Lapis Lazuli
  18. Citrine.jpg Chrysoberyl
  19. Ruby.jpg Spinel
  20. Whitepearl.jpg White Pearl
  21. Citrine.jpg Topaz
  22. Citrine.jpg Peridot
  23. Emerald.jpg Beryl
  24. Sapphire.jpg Aquamarine
  25. Emerald.jpg Tourmaline
  26. Starsapphire.jpg Star Sapphire
  27. Blackpearl.jpg Black Pearl
  28. Sapphire.jpg Sapphire
  29. Emerald.jpg Emerald
  30. Ruby.jpg Ruby
  31. Quartzcrystal.jpg Diamond
  32. Amethyst.jpg Pyreum
  33. Iconstarstone.jpg Starstone

The gems increase in rarity and value, with the Pyreum and Starstone being the most difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to find a Huge Pyreum, it's recommended to save for the Cleanse the Chaos Forge and not use on this quest. Handing in the Starstone will complete the last quest and grant you the reward, the Gem Cutter. This item is attuned to you. It can be used, once per gem, to cut any gem and double its gold value. An entire stack of the same type of gem can be cut, saving some time. A gem that has been cut will have a "Gemcutting" buff on it, indicating that it can't be cut again. While you can't give the Gem Cutter away, you can cut gems for others and trade them.

Related Items

Icongemcutter.jpg Gem Cutter

Lore & Dialog

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