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Quest Overview

Catch that elusive toy ball bouncing around Olvidan Farm.

Requirements: Level 40+, must have completed White Wedding
Type: Solo
Start Location: Stoneshadow Plains, Olvidan Family Farm
Quest Starter: Wimbul Olvidan
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 10% (Cap: 6,352,899 @ L45)
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: White Wedding, Herd Rescue


This is a fairly quick quest and can be soloed.

To begin this quest, speak to Wimbul Olvidan. You've probably seen the toy ball around the farm, but have been unable to catch it.

Next, speak to Matto Olvidan nearby and learn about the traveling peddler. He's located at the top of Linvak Tukal. If you hand him a stack of 1,000 gold, you'll receive the Peddler's Net item.

Return to the farm and use the net on the ball. This will put it in your inventory as Magic Toy Ball.

Give the ball back to Wimbul to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Related Items

Iconpeddlersnet.jpg Peddler's Net
Iconmagictoyball.jpg Magic Toy Ball

Lore & Dialog

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