Find the Arwic Mines Overseer

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Quest Overview

Search out the Arwic Mines Overseer.

Requirements: Level 1+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Arwic, Arwic Outlands; Kehan, Lost Wish; or Millstone, Esper Reaches
Quest Starter: Arwic Explorer, Esper Explorer or Lost Wish Explorer
Time Limit: 48 hours
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 24 hours
Related Quests: Arwic Mines and Crafting Quest


  1. After completing the Arwic Obelisk Search, Lost Wish Obelisk Search or Esper Obelisk Search quests, you will get this quest.
  2. Travel to Arwic and find the Arwic Mines Overseer at 44.0N, 6.1W.

Lore & Dialog

You have completed the Lost Wish Obelisk Search quest!
Lost Wish Explorer tells you, "By the way, the Drudges have been giving my friend in Arwic a terrible time of late. If you could lend him a hand, I'm sure he would be most appreciative."
You have received the Find the Arwic Mines Overseer quest.
You have completed the Find the Arwic Mines Overseer quest!
Arwic Mines Overseer tells you, "Arwic's rebuilding efforts have stalled! Supplies were cut off when the Drudge Outcasts overrun my mines. The miners dropped their flat hammers during their escape. If you clear out the Drudges and return with a hammer, I will teach you the basics of crafting."
You have received the Arwic Mines and Crafting Quest quest.

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