Festival of Lights

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Quest Overview

Give the tumeroks of Shinoko some Hide for their festival, and earn experience in exchange.
Start Location: Lumari Spill Isles, Shinoko
Requirements: Level 20+
Quest Starter: Dansova
Time Limit: 1 day
Repeat Time: Immediate
XP Reward: 720
Other Rewards: 75 gold
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Speak to Dansova to begin the quest. Bring along lots of butchered material if you plan to do this multiple times. Butchered material which is obtained by using a hunting knife on corpses of monsters you kill.

Handing Dansova 150 of the material he asks for will complete the quest and reward you with 720 experience and 75 gold. This quest can be completed again immediately, meaning you can trade lots of trait to earn lots of experience quickly, especially if you've done lots of butchering up to this point.

Lore & Dialog

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