Fate of the Scholars

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Fate of Scholars detail


Quest Overview

Learn Exothen's Discovery and find a way to destroy the Beast of Cacophos.

Start Location: Esper Reaches in Osteth
Requirements: need something done...
Intended Level: 54+
Quest Starter: Theoter (38.3N, 25.8W) - near Hero Shrine
Time Limit: 4 hours
Repeat Time: 14 days
XP Reward: 6% XP (287M @Lv67)
Other Rewards: Guardian of Dereth Robe, 1 random Jewel to imbue in the Robe.
Related Quests: Cacophos - It will be given to all during this quest and its the one with the XP reward.
Notes: This is a "multi-fellow friendly" quest, since all fellows will advance at same time in all steps of the quest.


After Talking to starter, recall to Linvak Tukal and go to the first Thusik Rigway at (3.1S, 18.9W) and look for a Scholar's Corpse East of those coords. The Fellow leader must loot the body for a:

  • Iconlargechestkey.jpg Large Chest Key.

Once you have the key travel to Exothen's Encampment located at (3.1S, 18.9W) and use the key on the Large Chest.
The leader can use the key to open the chest and loot:

  • Icongeomantictheodolite.jpg Geomantic Theodolite
  • Iconexothensnotebook.jpg Exothen's Notebook.

Now the leader must use the theodolite like a reckoning gem to guide you to the beacon location.
When he arrives at the spot it will spawn the beacon (called Portal Transit).
Now all fellow must Protect the Portal Transit from Gruesome Vermin, Abysmal Armoredillo and Shreths. After a aprox. 3 minutes the transit beacon will spawn the portal to the Dungeon. Enter the portal and get the Cacophos quest.

Inside this Dungeon head South-SouthEast until you can't progress more South and then head East until you find the dungeon boss: The Nexi Lv 63 Group with 150k HP.

All fellow can help killing The Nexi and when it dies, a new portal will open to Cacophos Island. Everyone must use the portal to advance the quest and travel to Cacophos beach.
Now everyone must work your way to the top of the mountain. Just be careful with the doppelgangers in the way, since they hit very hard.
Once at the top, there is a small opening into the side of the mountain


Enter the opening and inside its the portal into the Heart of the Cacophos Dungeon.

This is a big dungeon that goes down in a "spiral" like path, with some "rooms" on the sides and full with doppelgangers. In these rooms there is always a small door and some of them will have a Icondethseloiseal.jpg Seal in the ground. There are 6 different seals available and everyone of these seals will weaken the Beast of Cacophos (final boss). So the more you get the easier the fight will be.
If your fellow is not very strong, try to get at least 4 or 5. If you have multiple fellows you can go with 0-2. Once you gathered the number of seals you decided make your way down until you find a central path with a small bridge and a portal called "The Edge".
Everyone get inside and about 30 secs after the first one crossed the portal the final boss and the protecting stones will appear.
You can now use the seals on the protecting stones on the outer rim of the platform, simply double click the seal and use it on the correspondingly named stone, to weaken the The Beast of the Cacophos Lv 70 Group Spawn with 375k HP and some nasty attacks.

Once the Beast is defeated a portal will appear and the Dungeon will start to colapse, so everyone must take the portal and the quest will advance.
The Portal will bring everyone back to Exothen's Encampment and from there all can return to Theoter (sugestion: use hero shrine nexus).
Talk to Theoter to end Cacophos quest and get your XP and these items:

These chests have random loot and at least 1 random Insight Jewel from the list bellow.

Note: The Fate of Scholars quest will only end for the person using the Theodolite, but gives no XP or extra rewards. Everyone not using the Theodolite will end Cacophos and fail this quest.


Insight Jewels

Icon Slot Name of Jewel Bonus
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 1 - Base Stats Guardian's Health Insight Jewel +5 Health Passive Skill
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 1 - Base Stats Guardian's Vigor Insight Jewel (+5 Vigor Passive Skill) +5 Vigor Passive Skill
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 1 - Base Stats Guardian's Power Insight Jewel +5 Damage Bonus Passive Skill
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 1 - Base Stats Guardian's Concentration Insight Jewel +5 Focus Passive Skill
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 2 - Expertise Guardian's Expertise Insight Jewel +5 Adept Skill ?(to be confirmed)
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 3 - Hero Skills Guardian's Deftness Jewel +5 T1 Hero Skill
Iconcacophosjewel.png Slot 3 - Hero Skills Guardian's Adroitness Jewel +5 T2 Hero Skill

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