Farali Vault

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Farali Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Farali Glyph


LOCATION: Ankoro 26.3N 74.1E



Use the map on the left to work your way inside the Vault. Kill the Burun Duelist to get the Key, then go back to top to the locked door and use the key. From there proceed to vestibule to face the Burun Patriarch (Lv 36) and kill it for your reward. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 540,000 XP / 1,750 QP / Dreams of Blood Lore Cinematic

"They called it the Golden Age. The Hopeslayer was beaten, his forces in disarray. For we Shadows, though, there was only exile. We faded from the world, a tale to frighten children. But we did not sleep. A new era had dawned... an age of light. How I longed to join it! I yearned to regain what I had lost... to shed this darkened form, and feel the warmth of my own blood once more. I searched for many years -- within Asheron's great libraries... and within myself. So close I came! I could feel my mortality just beyond my grasp! But I would not reach it. Bael'Zharon's banishment would not last forever. "
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