Esper Vault

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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Esper Glyph


LOCATION: 26.6N, 22.6E

MONSTERS: level 6 and a level 7 boss


The Esper Vault is populated by Drudges, who will try and impede your way to the Vault Boss. It would probably be best to attempt this quest with a friend, but this depends on your level. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 800 XP / 400 QP / Doom of Linvak Lore Cinematic

"The Gurog appeared after the world shattered. For decades, they lived beside the Lugians, bound by a fragile truce. But everything fragile breaks, in time. The Lugians fought bravely, meeting the enemy on the slopes near Linvak Tukal. With a roar of steel, the final battle joined. Before the Lugians would have carried the day. But the Gurog had changed, they were mightier than before, twisted with dark power. The battle lasted five long days, but in the end, the enemy prevailed. Lugian blood poured down the mountainside. The Lugian chanters still sing of their defeat, their songs filled with questions. How could Linvakā€™s glory crumble so quickly? Where did the Gurogs strength come from. And who were the cloaked figures who laughed above the battlefield when the massacre was done?"
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