Eradicate Takeru

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 75+, completed Protect the Outpost, not on timer for Company Posting Complete
Type: Group
Start Location: Shield Wall Gate, Knorr Desolation
Quest Starter: Company Postings (53.7S, 36.9E)
Time Limit: 5 days
XP Reward: 0.6% (Cap: 319,886,255 @ L80)
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Eradicate Colossi, Eradicate Gear Legionnaires, Clear the Shield Wall


To begin this quest you must use the Company Postings sign at 53.7S, 36.9E, on the Knorr Desolation side of the Shield Wall Gate. Then speak to Captain Aschoth beside it. You may receive one of several different quests of this type; if you want a different quest, cancel it and retry. If you are in a fellow, other people may take the quest for all.

Find and Destroy 30 Derai Takeru

These are level 84 group Takeru with 141,000 health and can be found either around the exterior of the Tibri Outpost landmark, at 58.0S, 34.5E, or in the northeast corner of the Desolation.


Locations of Derai Takeru in the Knorr Desolation

Related Quests

The following quests require you to kill enemies found in the same territories as this quest and as such are convenient to do together:

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