Ero-Bal Remains

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Quest Overview

Collect 5 Ero-bal remains and bring them to a Tumerok grave to put them to rest.
Start Location: Tou-Tou Peninsula, Zu
Requirements: Level 22+
Quest Starter: Shi Andauri
Time Limit: No time limit
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 15,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests:


Speak to Shi Andauri in Zu to begin the quest. You must collect 5 Ero-Bal Remains which are fairly rare drops from the Rea-Bal found on the Tou-Tou Peninsula southwest of Zu. Alternatively, you can trade these and buy them in trait consignment shops.

Once you have the 5 remains in hand, go to the Tumerok Grave at 10.5N 68.0E. Hand all five to the grave to advance your quest.

Finally, return to Shi Andauri in Zu for your reward.


Iconerobalremain.jpg Ero-Bal Remain

Lore & Dialog

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