Ero-Bal Purification

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Purify tormented Tumerok spirits

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 24+
Type: Group
Start Location: Mayoi, Kydi Delta
Quest Starter: Valentaua (4.5S, 44.7E)
Time Limit: 4 hours
XP Reward: 140,000
Other Rewards: 3 Purified Spirit Eggs
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests:


Location of the Shrine of Ezheret, southeast of Shinoko

Speak with Valentaua at 4.5S, 44.7E in Mayoi to receive the quest.

Collect 12 Corrupted Spirit Eggs

Your initial task is to collect 12 Corrupted Spirit Eggs, which automatically drop into your inventory when killing level 29 group Cursed Rea-bals that can be found east of the Southern Tou-Tou Outpost, via Zu. The eggs don't stack, so you will need at least 12 free inventory slots and it is suspected but unconfirmed that only the person who gets the kill will receive an egg. Whether each fellow member needs their own set of eggs is currently unknown.

Place the eggs on the Shrine of Ezheret

Your next step is to place the 12 Corrupted Spirit Eggs onto the Shrine of Ezheret located at 7.2S, 72.4E, southeast of Shinoko. After giving the last egg to the shrine you will be portalled into a dark room filled with Cursed Rea-bals and level 1 Tormented Rea Bals. In the southwest corner of the room, opposite to your starting position, there is a level 32 group Cursed Master Rea Bal that you must defeat. Ignore the Tormented Rea Bals and carefully lure the Cursed Rea-bals one at a time until you are able to face the Cursed Master Rea Bal. Once the target has been killed, return to Valentaua to complete the quest.

Lore & Dialog

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