Emerald Mines of Ulkas (Quest)

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Quest Overview

Clear the mine guardians to gather rare Ulkas Sapphires.
Start Location: Nepeth Strata
Requirements: Level 45+
Quest Starter: Sontar Risoya, 24.2S 31.8W
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: None
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: 13 Emeralds
Related Quests: Armor of the Ancient Kings, Shoyanen's Solutions


To begin this quest, travel to the Emerald Mines of Ulkas at 24.2S 31.8W south of Ondekodo. It's at the bottom of the ravine south of Lodrog. Hand one Ebon Pyreal to Sontar, you will be granted access to the nearby portal until you've mined all 13 emeralds. This quest should not be soloed if you're near level 45, as it's guarded by many undead including a level 54 group Unchained Undead Monouga.

Once you take the portal, you'll see three mines and a swarm of undead. Look for the Scabrous Undead Guard. Killing it will give you a quest recipe for emerald mining, and allow you to click any of the nearby mines to gather an Emerald, 12 times. There are three mines to do this, but the respawns are fairly quick, so your group may need to kill the undead several times before everyone is done.

Once you've done this 13 times, your quest recipe will expire and you'll have to pay again if you want any more emeralds.


Iconebonpyreal.jpg Ebon Pyreal
Iconartefonemerald.jpg Emerald

Lore & Dialog

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