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Quest Overview

Battle your way through a dungeon full of Burun for a pair of enchanted gauntlets.
Start Location: Tou-Tou Peninsula
Requirements: Level 20 (lowest known)
Quest Starter: Amulet of Seeking, dropped by Seeker Faisi Sclavus
Time Limit: 20 hours
Repeat Time: 3 days
XP Reward: ??
Other Rewards: Ghostfire Gauntlets
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It's recommended to bring a group for this quest, as you'll be facing small groups of low 30s Burun in tight quarters.

This quest begins when you use the Amulet of Seeking, which is a drop from Seeker Faisi Sclavus. They can be found in the Tou-Tou Peninsula. The drop rate isn't 100%, but it's fairly common, so you should have one after a few kills.

After finding an amulet, head to the Deepdank Tunnels at 23.2N 66.0E. It's closest to the Northeast Tou-Tou Outpost. (See dungeon map below)

Follow the map or hug the left wall to find your way to Lord Eeruk, a level 34 solo Burun. Be careful not to enter the room with the Chaos Hoard, as there's a strong Burun Warboss guarding it. Kill Eeruk to advance the quest, and loot the Key to Eeruk's Treasury. Only one key is needed.

With key in hand, make your way back to the entrance. This time, take your first left, and then hug the right wall (or follow the map below). Look for a small room with several Ruruks and a locked Door to Eeruk's Treasury.

Unlock the door and enter. There are five chests, each one for a different race. Loot the appropriate chest to complete the quest, receive your Ghostfire Gauntlets and experience reward.

Related Items

Iconamuletofseeking.jpg Amulet of Seeking
Iconkey.jpg Key to Eeruk's Treasury
Iconghostfiregauntletsl.jpg Ghostfire Gauntlets



Lore & Dialog

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